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Your Pre-Summer Must-Haves

  • Najib Benouar

Must Haves

Summer’s so close, we can almost taste it.

Sure, we’ve still got about a month to go before it’s officially dirty bucks and sundress season, but it’s already time to trade in the power umbrella for May flowers and attend to a few other orders of business in preparation for summer.

We like to call this magical warmer-but-not-hot-yet time “pre-summer” and we’re making sure you make the most of it with our new crop of Must-Haves (as always, you can find them in our left column whenever you need a refresher).

Time to tune up the barbecue grill, break out the whites, have a shandy and much, much more.»

Susanne Diaz is in Repose

Happy Jacques: For Cousteau’s 100th birthday, Giz delivers an ode to the otherworldly pleasures of scuba diving. [Gizmodo]

Flower Power: Making the case for buttonhole flowers, particularly orange Zinnias. Not bad, sirs. [Fine and Dandy]

The Small Screen: On the off-chance you were looking for a place to watch World Cup games, here’s where they’ll be screening. [Lifehacker]

Also, Apes: We’ve seen the future, and it involves moving things around on screens with your fingers. [Fast Company]

Vanishing Point


It’s extremely rare that a rug catches our eye…in fact, this may be the first time it’s ever happened.

But this Thomas Paul rug isn't your average piece of dandelion décor. Spanning eight feet across, all those stems make for quite a vanishing point, to the point that the black spot in the middle starts to look like the bottom of a pit. In other words, it’s halfway between Urban Outfitters and Trompe L’Oeil.

Of course, we’re not quite at the point of paying a grand for it. But it’s still an impressive piece of work.

Behind the Chucks, Floral Details and Skills to Pay the Bills


Petal Pushers: Yes, we admit it, we love flowers, but there's a limit, people. [NYMag]

The Razor's Edge: Men's Vogue takes on the razor blade arms race. [Men's Vogue]

Con Job: Sit down with Converse's creative director. [Coolhunting]

The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master: We're solid with about 58 of these. [Esquire]

Bowery Mission: Rogan Gregory opens a new store on the Bowery, serves the local cocktail. [Refinery29]

In a Huf: A skate-punk brand grows up. [Coolhunting]

Silver Foxes: Black, grey, whatever - as long as our hair stays on our heads, we're good. [NYTimes]

Porn and Politics: The Italian Parliament is starting to look more and more like a strip club. [Radar]

Oh, and remember to call your mother on Sunday. There's nothing wrong with a ladies' man admitting that he's also a momma's boy.