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French Press


Behold, the French side of trad.

Last season, the French accessories brand Flouzen collaborated with Kitsuné to bring us the Foxtail Tie—a crisp, color-blocked tribute to the fictional fox in "Fables de la Fontaine." This season’s soon-to-arrive collaboration embraces the Ivy League epidemic with five styles inspired by Ivy League color palettes as a French iteration of the J. Press modus operandi. (Apparently Dartmouth, Cornell and Brown didn't make the cut.)

However, their brazen admiration of preppy roots isn’t the only thing that caught our attention—the ties are made of delicate, handknit cashmere. While the cashmere tie venture is certainly a rare occurrence, we think it’s worthy of significant consideration. It’s the ideal fall accessory—the happy neckwear medium between the cashmere scarf and nothingness. Hopefully this fall will continue to bring more versatility to luxe knits.

We’d like to take every opportunity to indulge our collars.