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The Weekend Sales Report Card

  • Kempt Staff

Spring menswear

We’ve filtered through all of the online sale noise and graded your best options out there, should you feel inclined to do any menswear browsing this weekend...

For the Everyday Carry: Cole Haan is knocking 25% off all men’s bags and briefcases with the code SPRING25. Discount: B+ Styles Available: B Selection: A

For the Nest Egg Hunter: Just for Easter weekend, C’H’C’M’ is giving you 20% off the entire webshop, with the code EAST. Discount: B+ Sizes Available: A Selection: A+

For British Basics: The gents across the pond at Reiss are slashing up to 30% off some of their most popular current spring wares. Discount: B+ Sizes Available: A Selection: B+

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The Art Boot


This printed leather boot comes from Florsheim by Duckie Brown’s fall/winter crop, but even though it won’t be on shelves for a few months, we couldn’t resist a sneak peek. Think of it as Red Wing meets Hokusai.

The Wingtip


In case you forgot, Florsheim still makes a hell of a wingtip.

The newest model just caught our eye, and it’s still surprising how little has changed since the Duckie Brown collab, and really, in the last hundred years. If anything the last century’s served to make the just-slightly-formal shoe one of the most versatile items you can own. As always, we’ll throw in the vintage caveat, but these should be worth picking up fresh.

Shoe Leather


If you checked out GQ’s recent “work style” roundup, you may have caught a glimpse of their preferred brown wingtip, from Florsheim by Duckie Brown. What they didn’t tell you is that if you’re willing to do a little digging, you can probably pick up a pair for less than twenty bucks—provided you don't mind one with a little history.

Florsheim’s been turning out handsome, durably shoes for upwards of a century, so eBay is flooded with past renditions. (A victim of their own success, we know.) You’ll want to search for something with a Goodyear welt (for resole-ing) and no serious creases, but there’s enough floating around that you shouldn’t have trouble—especially if you give yourself a couple weeks. Here’s a couple to get you started…

You Never Know


Raising the Bar: Bar Rafaeli splits with Leo, presumably in search of a soft-spoken blogger type. [People]

Big Poppa: Esquire counts down the worst dads on record, including Stalin, Ivan the Terrible and Ryan O’Neal. [Esquire]

Men of Iron: Mickey Rourke’s Iron Man 2 outfit leaks, offering a clear improvement over his usual outfits. [CrunchGear]

Fare Thee Well: Florsheim Shoes loses the lease on its most famous New York branch. [Lost City]

The Loafers


Collaborations between classic masters and younger brands are thick on the ground these days—yes, Moscot, we’re looking at you—but there aren’t many as well suited as Duckie Brown and Florsheim.

Duckie Brown has been mining Savile Row-style classicism for a while now, so it’s no surprise they finally brought some real cobblers on board. The real surprise here is the subtle shifts they bring in, like adding blues and greens to the leather-dyeing palate, matching the sole rubber to the color of the shoe, and putting out a whole line of cap-toes fastened with metal studs.

Best of all, they’re pricing the bulk of the line at $295, as a gesture to modern times.

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