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Elizabeth Olsen Has No Depth Perception

A Gentleman’s Guide to Florence: Lawrence Schlossman breaks down Florentine retail for all budgets. If you can afford the flight, there are plenty of good deals to be had. [Sartorially Inclined]

Adrenaline Rush of the Day: A brave man on a motocross bike motors along the top of a mountain—and survives. Breathtaking in the best way. [Autoblog]

Steve McQueen Was a Slick Bastard: Further evidence for the coolest man who ever lived. [Driven]

Singing Blues: A fitting send-off for Etta James, who passed away this morning. [Open Culture]

Someone Has Lost Her Hairbrush

frecklesvia YHBTI

The Florentine Set: For some reason, an alarming number of well-dressed men have converged on Florence. A photo essay of the unexplained phenomenon. [Hypebeast]

A Card Game: Also, our friends at Camo set up a stunt poker game outside the main show. Nice suits. [Pitti the Fool]

High Camp: Wes Anderson’s new movie has a trailer. It involves camp, young love and willful naïveté... as you may have guessed. [Vulture]

Science!: And in the other massive press convergence, CES and LG introduce us to the blast chiller, for instantly chilling your beer. [PopSci]

Gentleman’s Tour


Travel is one of the finest uses of leisure…but leisure’s pretty hard to come by these days. Luckily there are always a few photographers on the case.

Max Wanger has taken what used to be called a Gentleman’s Tour of Europe, skipping between Paris, Rome and Florence (and Tokyo for good measure) and coming back with a set of pictures that use the location to the greatest effect.

If you were wondering what the Parisian kids are up to these days, this would be the easiest way to find out.

See more of the tour»

Spreads, Trench Coats, and Our Name in the Paper


The Spread: We aren’t sure who AnnaLynne McCord is, but we just started liking GQ a lot more. [Egotastic]

Stay at Your Desk: Thom Browne goes to Florence to get even stricter and more austere. Think identical models and lots of trench coats. Doesn’t Italy usually make people looser? [IHT]

…and There’s a Planet: The latest web video gem retells the Star Wars saga with a spotty memory and a lot of Photoshop. [BoingBoing]

Well-Observed: Our distinguished editorial director dispenses a pearl of wisdom in quote form. Also, something about eCommerce. [NYObserver]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Waris Ahluwalia

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Waris Ahluwalia is much more than just the cool Indian guy in the Wes Anderson movies; he's also a jewelry designer and one of the best-dressed men in town, though people tend to focus on the turban and not his threads.

The other night a Purple magazine Fashion Week party at Paul Sevigny's crypto-swank Beatrice Inn, his favorite haunt, Waris bowled us over in a bespoke brown, green and burgundy flecked herringbone wool tweed suit with a forest green wool waistcoat and a crimson knitted wool tie: a perfectly balanced and seasonal palette that's as warming to look upon as it must be to wear.

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It's a Pitti

Pitti Uomo 2008 Adam Kimmel dinner

Pitti Uomo 2008 Adam Kimmel dinner

So for those of you who aren't caught up in the seemingly endless world tour of fashion weeks and marketing conferences (and who is), the past week's Pitti Uomo—a mostly menswear exhibition in Florence-represents what is perhaps some of them best in male dress.

Alas, we have too many sartorial obligations on the homefront, so instead of enjoying our breathless coverage from the cobblestone streets of Firenze, you'll have to make due with this list of links and wrap ups »

Sebastian Whorsley, Middle Relief and Ascot Justice

Ashton & Demi

Structural Support: In the near future, girdles will actually tone your body—so go ahead and have that third brioche. [Style Dash]

Alphabet Soup: GQ + CFDA. [FWD]

H to the Izzo: Your man Sean Carter picks up another fashion label. [Female First UK]

Viva Kimmel: A less luxurious outlook from Florence. [Men.Style]

Back to The Well: More deals at Opening Ceremony. [Racked]

Legal Suit: Judge rules that prosecutor's ascot, "borders on contemptuous," a precedent soon to be employed in the case of Neckkerchief vs. State of Ohio. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Product Placement: Adrian Grenier pimps We Are the Superlative Conspiracy with the cryptic, "Remember… remember." [TMZ]

Retrospective: 2007, the year tacky broke. [Electric Warrior]

Small Cap Investment: The Journal puts a "buy" order on the fedora. [WSJ]

Boy Toy: "How To Dress Like The Perfect Couple" by Christopher "Ashton" Kutcher. [Harper's Bazaar]

"I Remember The First Time I Had Real Sex—I Still Have The Receipt": Oh, Sebastian, you scalawag you. [GQ Style Guy]