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What Your Printed Swimsuit Says About You

  • Kempt Staff


Printed swimsuits are having a moment. (Look no further than our summer must-haves for proof.)

This summer, it seems that every menswear label with access to quick-dry material has put out some sort of printed swimsuit—from camo to full-on art photography—and in the event you’re in the market for one or have already jumped on the trend, it’s imperative you know how your fellow pool-mates or beach-goers are reading into your choice. So, in our grand fashion of telling you what your sartorial choices mean:

Here’s what your printed swimsuit says about you.»

Floral Print at Its Best

As we mentioned on Tuesday, floral prints are having a bit of a moment these days. They're best used as an accent—more likely to show up in a pocket square or a jacket lining—but since flowers have been showing up more and more lately, we thought we’d pull together some of the best specimens the Web has to offer. It’s been a good year for the roses...

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McNairy Shows His Stripes


Mark McNairy gets a lot of love from the blogging crowd for two reasons: 1) he’s a hell of a cobbler, and 2) despite a touch of the curmudgeon, he’s clearly having as much fun designing as anyone in menswear.

His latest New Amsterdam collection is the perfect example of #2. It’s the first full collection he’s done under the label, and it sees him breaking out aloha patterns, and flower-crittered shorts alongside the usual unstructured jackets and cargo pants.

And yes, a few of his signature red-brick bucks come along for the ride. Shine on, you crotchety diamond...

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Dead Flowers


Blackbird’s new in-house tie line hits just about every must-have item in the neckwear canon—there’s repp-stripe, preppy graphics, chambray, madras, musty wool—but our favorite is this dark floral piece that looks like it was lifted from a Goodwill couch.

Large prints have been mostly left behind in the recent tie renaissance—probably because when they’re bad, they’re very bad—but this one’s subtle enough to slip under the radar. Our only complaint: at two inches, it’s a bit on the trendy side…but nobody’s perfect.

Give Me Liberty


There are a lot of odd nooks in British sartorial history, but if you hang around Paul Smith stores long enough, you’ll see just about all of them.

This shirt takes its cues from the famous Liberty of London floral prints, which have been popping up often enough lately to qualify as a mini-trend of their own. Mr. Smith takes a bit more impressionist approach—we’d guess Renoir deserves a little credit too—but the basic approach is more or less the same, and both styles are probably best viewed under a more subdued jacket.

And we’d keep the matching tie a safe distance away.