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Traveling Light


We call it the bag conundrum. A gentleman should be prepared for all situations, which entails carrying a certain array of vital stuffs on his person at all times. But since you never want more than an elegant sufficiency, selection is key. That’s why we were happy to stumble onto this flickr page documenting 60 ladies and gentlemen, juxtaposed with the contents of their bags. Good stuff, but we're distressed at how few notebooks were seeing.

Box Full of Letters


The world of Flickr photography is massive, but it doesn’t take much browsing before one wishes for something a little more tangible. But that’s nothing the internet can’t solve...

The UK-based Biscuit Tin lets you interact with online snaps the way you would with developed stills: you can spread them on the floor, check inscriptions on the back, and generally get the kind of object-pleasure that’s so hard to come by in the virtual sphere. And since you’re drawing from your entire flickr feed, you’ll have a very big tin to sort through.