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Weathering a Hurricane in Style

  • Najib Benouar

A superstorm... the Frankenstorm... Sandy.

Whatever you’re calling the hurricane headed toward the Northeast this weekend, things are promising to get very wet, very quickly. So to weather this storm—and the ever-looming danger of torrential downpour this time of year—we’ve come up with a few integral upgrades to your rain gear that should keep you stylishly dry without looking like a rain-slicker-wrapped Gorton’s Fisherman (though not a bad last-minute Halloween costume idea). Even if that means braving a few errant drops or an oversized puddle—and taking it all in stride.

Upping your rain gear in five easy steps, courtesy of Kempt.»

Vice in Moderation

The gentlemanly nip is a delicate thing. At its best, it’s a venal pleasure, a moment of rebellion from the troubles of the day. At’re just getting drunk at lunch.

But Izola’s line of flasks offers two tricks to keep you on the right side of the line. First, they’re beautiful—each is a perfectly circular polished-steel talisman, like jewelry with whiskey in it.

But more importantly, they’re very small. The lesser of the two holds three ounces, a little less than a double shot. It’s just enough to loosen your tie. There’s also a five-ounce, depending on your threshold for trouble, but anything bigger than that should be left to the professionals.

For the Surreptitious Drinker


We’re guessing you have at least one person in your circle who enjoys a drink. And yet…they probably haven’t discovered the wonders of the hip flask.

It’s a surprisingly useful item for the next time they find themselves in a frustratingly liquor-free setting, whether it’s a campsite, a cookout or a school play. And most of the ones you find will carry along a fair measure of old school charm, whether it’s this Filson model or the vintage plaid and woodgrain versions you’ll find online. Either way, no one’s ever sorry to see you bring one out, which makes for a pretty good gift.