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What Your Gloves Say About You

  • Najib Benouar

By all accounts and weather forecasts, it’s glove season just about everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere—even California has been seeing temps drop perilously close to “brisk.”

And your last line of defense against that bone-chilling frigidness: a good pair of finger-sweaters.

So we went ahead and surveyed all of the hand-sheltering options out there to help you find the right ones—and in our long tradition of telling you what your sartorial choices are saying about you, we’ve put together a handy guide.

Here’s what the way you’re bundling up your mitts says about you.»



This month’s GQ had a few nice items, but we have to take issue with this bit of wisdom (on p58, for the curious):

Fingerless gloves have always struck me as too raggedy—fine for a punk rocker or a chimney sweep, but that’s about it. This season, though, Bottega Veneta has turned that notion on its head and is offering cashmere fingerless gloves that are more than chic. I love the idea of a punk rocker (a rich one) in full-on rock garb but with luxurious gloves

When their target buyer is a rich punk rocker, it’s usually not a good sign»