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Kempt Man of the Hour: Ferraby Lionheart

  • Jared Paul Stern


Welcome to our newest feature, the Kempt Man of the Hour. We're thrilled to have legendary photographer Patrick McMullan on the Kempt team, keeping an eye—and lens—out for the most stylish men about town on his nightly rounds. We'll highlight the best of the bunch on a regular basis….

Many of the moneyed crowd at last week's Guggenheim International Gala wondered who this impeccably dressed young man might be. Turns out he was the evening's entertainment. Soulful singer/songwriter Ferraby Lionheart has been favorably compared to the late Elliot Smith, and (for once) not without reason; his debut self-titled EP is in our permanent collection. Though his workaday attire is quite a bit more casual, Mr. Lionheart certainly knows how to step up to the occasion…