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Bondage, Hartmarx, and Dov’s Love


Agent of Change: Agent Provocateur still makes steamy web videos, but this time around they swap the gothic castle for a Valentine’s Day bondage theme. Ok, maybe it’s not that big a change. [My Fashion Life]

Marxists: Hartmarx is on shaky ground…which is bad news for anyone who wants a suit made in America. [A Continuous Lean]

Free Dov: American Apparel is just making pornography at this point. But we have no complaints. [TrendHunter]

Science!: A new female sexuality study gets the feminist blogosphere riled up. To be fair, it was already riled up. [Jezebel]

Ms. Lively, Mr. McGoohan, and the Japanese


In Vogue: Blake Lively makes the magazine rounds, but it’s still not enough to get us to watch Gossip Girl. [Vogue]

Not a Number: Zack Handlen weighs in with the definitive Patrick McGoohan appreciation. [A.V. Club]

Rosie the Riveting: The female mechanics calendar is fascinating in ways we cannot fully describe. [BoingBoing]

Mecha Mecha: Japanese style comes into its own. Our theory? It’s all the robots. [The Moment]