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Moving Mountains

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The Most Famous Frames in Rock: A story of how Buddy Holly found his famous glasses. Apparently, they had to be trucked in from Mexico. [WSJ]

The Year in Terrible Band Names: AV Club unleashes its yearly roundup of terrible band names, including Coeus the Boxing Titan, White Cowbell Oklahoma and Pulled Apart by Horses, soon to be famous for the heart-wrenching ballad “I Punched a Lion in the Throat.” [AV Club]

Deeply Felt: A new tie line called Gentleman Arthur makes bold patterns from felt and cotton. Definitely unlike anything in your closet. [Cool Hunting]

Don’t Call It a Comeback: The notorious Enzo returns with some fantastically tweedy menswear photos. [13th & Wolf]

The Raw Slipper

Here’s a low-key alternative for those who aren’t ready for the full house shoe. These slippers come from Sweden’s Pia Wallén, and instead of suede and velvet, they sub in every industrial designer’s favorite material: raw felt.

We won’t sugarcoat it; they’re just a swath of wool glued to a patch of rubber. But if it’s just for puttering between your bed and the shower, that might be all you need. The gray is the Dieter Rams favorite (plus, it’ll match your MacBook), but there are also red and white versions if you feel like something flashier. If it’s still not flashy enough... there’s always the velvet slipper.

Deeply Felt


Rachel Comey has been a favorite of well-curated boutiques for some years now—especially Brooklyn standby Hollander & Lexer—but somehow she’s never gotten the name recognition she deserves. It’s a shame because, as you can see, she makes quite an oxford.

This pair, dubbed Uncle Dan Oxfords, are cobbled together from felt, placing them somewhere between a plimsoll and a flashier suede version. More importantly, it’s more or less guaranteed to be the only forest green item in your shoe collection, which should come in particularly handy the next time you decide to bust out that khaki suit.

Deeply Felt


Despite what Mr. Timberlake would have you believe, doffing a brimmed hat is still a pretty dandyish move. But as dandyish moves go, it’s one of the better ones.

This green felt trilby from BillyKirk isn’t that different from the one you might find in J.Crew, but the belted crown and forestry-ready coloring make it one of the more effortlessly Edwardian items we’ve come across in quite some time. And for 2010, the style makes quite a bit of sense.

We’re not sure if this means we’re headed towards duck hunting outfits and Gosford Park revivals…but it’s certainly not the worst that could happen.

Think Small


We’ve admired raw felt computer gear before, but it looks like it’s filtered down to the Etsy crowd.

So while this felted laptop sleeve (hat tip to NotCot) may not be quite as sturdy as the Hard Graft version, it’s a solid $100 cheaper, which should make up for quite a bit of it. And since it’s made on a smaller scale, it’s full of DIY touches like leather clasps reclaimed from a car seat, not to mention the option of your own logo stenciled on the front gratis, if you decide to get personal.

Hold On


A good wallet is hard to find, but Hard Graft is doing their part.

Last time we checked in with the material-minded marque, we were admiring their felt iPhone case, but they’ve expanded into more useful territory since then. This wallet is part of their latest product launch, including a laptop sleeve and mouse pad, but our attention always goes to where the money is…

The rough felt will keep it anchored in your pocket while the leather pocket gives you exactly as much room as you need…but no more. And it’s got the same fresh-from-the-drafting-table look that made us so excited last time around.

Since they’re such philosophical guys, they’ve spiced up the leather pocket with the branded epigram “You lose what you don’t hold.” As luck would have it, that’s just what happened to our iPhone…

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