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The Seniors Behind the Juniors


Every so often, a son will have the opportunity to take an inherited family name further than his father could ever have imagined.

Like, for example, using it to become president. Or Iron Man.

But while it might have been Jr. who brought the name distinction, we mustn’t forget that Dad had given it a reputation in his own time. It was his name first, after all. And besides, without his fatherly wisdom, moral guidance and, well, probably his ability to change a diaper, the kid probably wouldn’t have even had the chance to become a star at all.

So today, we’d like to take a moment to honor these nominal trailblazers. Without any further ado, we present: The Seniors Behind the Juniors, after the jump...»

Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2013

Father's Day

All right, the man’s not perfect. But he’s your father. And this Sunday, you have to show him that you appreciate that.

Now, fathers are certainly easier than mothers when it comes to these sorts of things. All dear ol’ Dad probably expects is your presence and a strong handshake. And maybe a card. But since he taught you not to do anything half-assed—for better or worse—you should probably go ahead and get the guy something anyway. And no excuses here; you can afford to splurge a little on the man you owe half your existence to.

From GQ to Cool Hunting to Vanity Fair, everyone’s got their opinions on where you should spend that pretty penny. So in an effort to simplify the decision, we’ve cut through all that noise and chosen our favorites... of their favorites.

For the slightly narrowed field, take a gander at Kempt’s Second Annual Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides (in order of Dad’s expected reaction), after the jump...»

Erin Wasson Is Marooned

  • Najib Benouar

Erin Wassonvia FGR

Ready for This Jelly: GQ introduces Royal Jelly Harlem, a new line of African-print-covered everything. (From beach towels to ties.) [GQ]

All Roads Lead to Thick Frames: The Times takes their turn dissecting the recent nerd-ification of NBA style. [NYTimes]

GIF Horse: Buzzfeed may have stumbled on the perfect digital time capsule in this celebration of 25 years of the animated GIF. [Buzzfeed]

Dads on Film: In honor of Father’s Day, here are some life lessons to be learned from on-screen dads you never had. [/Film]

Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2012

  • Najib Benouar

It’s become a time-honored tradition for a son to give his father a token of appreciation on the third Sunday of June.

In our experience, it really is the thought that counts—whether it’s a card, a bottle of fine cognac or a steak dinner (every dad likes to celebrate differently.) But should you be feeling an extraordinary urge to lavish dear old Dad this year, we cut through all the noise (and Nooks) to help you figure out where to focus your attention—ranging from the gents at GQ to the ladies at DailyCandy to the geeks at Wired. It’s enough gadgetry, machinery and sockery to need a guide just to get through all of these gift guides...

Introducing Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2012 (in order of how endearing you plan on being).»

Make Dad Proud

  • Najib Benouar

News flash: Father’s Day is four days from now... (that’s Sunday, for those of you keeping score). And if you’re still searching for the right way to say “Thanks for all the shit you do,” here it is, courtesy of our favorite renegade printing press maestros, Terrapin Stationers. In fact, that’s exactly what the inside of this card says—with the word “Father” embossed in gold on the front flap of the substantial 70lb stock ivory paper. They’re still shipping via Priority Mail as of today, but you’ll want to order within the next few hours to have a good chance at the card getting there by Saturday.

Although we’re sure dear old Dad will still be pleasantly surprised once he flips open this handsome profanity-laced card—even on a Monday.

Irina Shayk Is Bringing the Macarena Back

  • Najib Benouar

Irina Shaykvia GQ

Reliving the Dream: GQ does a bang-up job on the oral history of the 1992 Dream Team. Those were the days. [GQ]

Today’s Game: The 2012 NBA Finals begin tonight, and for predictions Esquire turns to the experts: OKC Thunder cheerleaders. [Esquire]

Like Father: In honor of Father’s Day upcoming, Vanity Fair celebrates the five best real-life father-son movie performances. [VF]

London Neighing: From the information gathered, it seems the Olympic opening ceremony will feature Paul McCartney, a cricket team, a parade of nurses and a veritable Noah’s Ark of farm animals... [Vulture]

Yesterday’s Glove


Call us nostalgics if you like, but we couldn’t let Father’s Day pass by without one last old-school baseball post. This time, it’s a fingerless mitt circa 1870, stitched together by the Cooperstown buffs at Huntington Baseball Co. (by way of Antenna). In those days, they didn’t bother with niceties like laces. Instead, you’ll get a thick patch of leather over your palm…and nothing else. Hopefully, you’ve got a Lemon Ball handy.

Pater Familias


One of the perks of Americana is that you never run short of Father’s Day gifts. This linen handkerchief from Hill Side, for instance, isn’t too different from any other piece of industrial nostalgia they’ve set loose in the past year. Nevertheless, they’re pitching it as the perfect Father’s Day gift, and we’re hard pressed to disagree.

It might be the simple universality of a handkerchief, or the fact that everyone starts longing for a scrap of linen once the thermometer tops 80, but this is the kind of handsome, all-purpose item we usually recommend for gifts. And since you’re jumping generations, it probably doesn’t hurt that it came off the assembly line a few decades back.

The Return of the Mack


At the risk of seeming literal-minded, we’re going to suggest that an item from a brand called Mackdaddy might not make such a bad Father’s Day present.

First off, the wallet is the staple of the accessory kingdom, not bound up with status like a tie and not too modern for its own good like a few mewelry trinkets we could mention. And this particular wallet manages to fit together classic leather with a patch of color, which should make it something dad isn’t too resistant to keeping in his pocket.

In fact, the biggest strike against it might be the name.

In the Surf


Pointless gadgetry has a real track record with most dads, so we thought we’d add this timepiece to the Father’s Day pile.

Of course, it’ll help if pop’s a surfer. The Quiksilver Deep X works as a compass, heat timer and virtual thermometer, but the real prize is the tide data stored up for thousands of prime surf spots throughout the world, all of which should put his Timex to shame. Not every Dad’s got a yen for useless info gathering, but if he does, this is one of the better ways to get it.

Go Daddy


Father’s Day is just a couple weeks off, and it’s time to get into gifting mode. We’ve got a few more adventurous suggestions in the pipeline—no, not ties—but we thought we’d kick things off with an old standard: scotch.

This site won’t sell you any, but it’ll help you find a store and give you the info to pin down the bottle you’re after, which should get you halfway there. (Try here if you can’t find a local shop.) The trick is finding a bottle that’ll give the old man something he hasn’t tasted before. And the older the better.