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Martha Hunt Is Working On Her Navel Tan

Martha Huntvia Fashion Gone Rogue

A Solitary Zuck: Is Facebook making us lonelier? We have noticed less in-person poking in the last few years. [The Atlantic]

The Scandinavian Invasion: Dunderdon takes over a Portland art gallery, to handsome effect. [Cool Hunting]

Postcards from the Edge: Drew Magary tells the harrowing tale of the birth of his third child. Buckle up for this one. [Deadspin]

Leather and Denim: A few words with the sharp lady behind Smith + Butler. [Valet]

You Never Know


Raising the Bar: Bar Rafaeli splits with Leo, presumably in search of a soft-spoken blogger type. [People]

Big Poppa: Esquire counts down the worst dads on record, including Stalin, Ivan the Terrible and Ryan O’Neal. [Esquire]

Men of Iron: Mickey Rourke’s Iron Man 2 outfit leaks, offering a clear improvement over his usual outfits. [CrunchGear]

Fare Thee Well: Florsheim Shoes loses the lease on its most famous New York branch. [Lost City]

Not Exactly Our Bag


When does a manly carryall become completely unacceptable? A bag is a bag is a bag, right?

Apparently not. We were impressed by acquire digging up this felt messenger bag, until we looked a little closer. Those “bottle pockets” aren’t for Aquafina, and it’s not waterproof because they want you to take it rafting. As for the built-in changing pad, it pretty much speaks for itself.

That’s right, gentlemen. It’s a diaper bag.

We’re just so disappointed. After a week or so, that felt will have absorbed all sorts of unpleasant odors. Here’s hoping nobody uses this for its intended purpose. You’ll ruin a perfectly good carryall.

Here Comes the Son


It’s a big internet, and while there’s plenty of snark, vanity, and free electropop, genuine wisdom is always in short supply. That’s why we were impressed when we ran across 1001 Rules for my Unborn Son. From sartorial advice (“If you are tempted to wear a cowboy hat, resist”) to a surprising number of hangover cures (including swimming in the ocean), the blog is a source of surprisingly good advice for the old school gentleman. Someone get this man a column in *Esquire*.

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