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Stat Sheet: Brunello Cucinelli College Bomber

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That chill in the air: it’s... actually, nonexistent.

But it’ll arrive eventually. And when it does, you’ll notice all manner of dapper jacketry making its way onto the racks at a purveyor near you, like this wool-and-goose-down bomber by Brunello Cucinelli. It’s part of his newly available fall collection, and we wish you luck finding a more handsome way to fend off the breeze this coming season.

Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: Bomber jackets have been around since, well, they were worn by people who actually dropped bombs while sporting them during WWI. Think Top Gun, but in black-and-white and minus those preposterous patches.

Who to Channel: A young fighter pilot who enjoys a bit of sport hunting or other riflery in his spare time; Michael Fassbender preparing for a joyride on his two-wheeled steed.

When to Wear It: Anytime between now and spring training 2014.

Degree of Difficulty: Easy. Whatever you’ve got underneath, this bomber’ll cover it with a heaping measure of swagger. Not that you didn’t have some of your own already.

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