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Introducing... C.C. Filson by Nigel Cabourn

  • Kempt Staff


In the event that you’re still eyeing a new archivally incined coat for this fall—and the next two dozen or so—you can stop looking now...

Because Filson’s tough-as-nails waxed-cotton jackets and Nigel Cabourn’s nose for timelessly rugged designs have just combined in a perfect storm of autumnal outerwear: C.C. Filson.

For starters, there’s a hooded cape jacket based on a long-lost 1930s Filson coat Cabourn discovered in Japan, and a WWI-style full-length work jacket, and a coat with brass fireman clip closures lined in a heavy-duty wool that will get you through the tail end of fall into winter. There are a few more jackets to come later in the season, so keep your eyes peeled, but in the meantime:

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The 14 Ties to Consider This Fall/Winter


By now the scarves, tweed and heavier knits have come out of their mothball-laden warm-weather hibernation and firmly reestablished themselves in your daily layering rotation.

Meaning, naturally, that the fall/winterization of your wardrobe is almost complete.

Key word: almost. So, lest you overlook the transition’s finer details, we’ve compiled for you some of the handsomest seasonally textiled four-in-hand options on the market right now. (Just don’t match them to your fall/winter pocket squares.)

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What Your Fall Drink Says About You


The leaves, they are a-changing. The days are getting shorter. And there’s getting to be quite the chill in the air.

Fall has (finally) descended in full force, and that means it’s time to ditch those refreshing summer cocktails for drinks that do a better job of warming your bones after a long day of raking leaves. Something maple-y, perhaps? But be warned: your choice of autumnal elixir is sure to make a pretty intense assertion about you, so it’s crucial to decide beforehand what you want it saying. And since we’re always here to help, we went ahead and took their statements to make that choice a little easier for you.

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An Ode to Elbow Patches

  • Kempt Staff

SONY DSC We’re in favor of flourishes—especially functional ones.

And there may be no better example than elbow patches. They’re handsome. They’re rugged. They’re stately. They’re one of our favorite autumnal affectations and the source of some of the best stuff in our closet—whether original or sewn on to give an old blazer new life. So we thought we’d take a moment to extol their ruggedly professorial charms by highlighting a few of the finest examples we’ve seen.

A photographic ode to elbow patches...»

Your Fall Pajama-ing Has Arrived

  • Najib Benouar

SJ_FallWinter13_Announcement.2 Great news for your increasingly crisp morning commutes between bed and the newspaper: Sleepy Jones has just unveiled their fall loungewear.

The recent torchbearers of the loungewear renaissance—it helps to know how to throw a good slumber party—have added a few new stripes and checks into the mix, but the most notable entries are the ones in end-on-end cotton, being modeled here by the unfailingly well-read Mr. David Coggins in luxurious repose. With the end-on-end weave, you get the heartiness of a chambray, without the sheen. So if you were to throw a sport coat over it to grab a cup of coffee, we wouldn’t complain.

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