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It looks like Maxim is feeling apologetic …

Page Six is reporting that the lad mag’s August issue names Sarah Jessica Parker as an “unexpected crush.” It’s an interesting move, given that they led the backlash against the Sex & the City star when they named here “Unsexiest Woman Alive” back in October.

We haven’t seen the article, so we can’t say exactly how much crow they’re set to swallow, but they’ve earned it all. Setting aside the schoolyard cruelty of the very idea of an unsexiest list, Ms. Parker was singled out for even pettier reasons. While her listmates Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears were in the midst of genuine substance abuse problems, Parker’s main offense seemed to be that she starred in a show where women had sex. With men! And talked about their feelings! It’s no surprise it was more than the Maxim frat-house could handle.

In retrospect, they should have just changed the channel.