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Milla Jovovich Is Waiting for Her Furniture Delivery

  • Kempt Staff

Moving Dirt: The Selvedge Yard digs up a 1971 Sports Illustrated story on Steve McQueen and his dirt-biking alter ego Harvey Mushman. [TSY]

RIP, Steve Sabol: Remembering the late NFL Films president. NFL Crunch Course was a game changer. [Deadspin]

Uneasy Money: The question at the core of Facebook’s future success: Can it possibly build a business model that isn’t inherently creepy? [The Atlantic]

Getting Beard: In case you weren’t aware, the European Beard and Mustache Championship happened this past weekend. Luckily The Telegraph was on hand to photograph it in all of its bristly glory. [Telegraph]

Olivia Medina Just Realized Her Shirt’s on Backwards

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Pants Don’t Lie: Put This On explains the three-tiered hierarchy of chinos. Study up. [PTO]

It’s Just the Tits: It seems The New Yorker has pushed Facebook’s limits of decency with their latest cartoon—they’re calling it “Nipplegate.” [New Yorker]

Barry F-bama: A glorious soundboard of Barack Obama reciting the colorful language of a schoolmate. Use this only for good (and prank-calling that right-wing roommate of yours from freshman year). [Regretsy]

Karl and Aziz: Refinery29 catches up with Aziz Ansari during Fashion Week to talk dinner jackets and a reality show with Herr Lagerfeld. [R29]

The Importance of Talking to Strangers

Airplanes are about to get a lot less fun.

KLM is currently testing a program called Meet and Seat that lets you see the Facebook or LinkedIn profile of your fellow passengers before choosing a seat. The idea is that you’ll scan the crowd for like-minded souls and choose your conversation partner accordingly. It’s a good deal if you don’t want to be stuck with a talkative “management specialist”—but we can’t help thinking something’s been lost. Specifically, that rare, unexpected bond between strangers...

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Dusting Off: The Confidant

You’ve got friends and colleagues and acquaintances. And thanks to Facebook, you’ve probably got a pretty accurate count of each one. But when the time comes to confide, to spill a personal secret to someone you trust implicitly... you may be coming up short.

According to a recent Cornell study, the average American makes do with only two “confidants”—down from three in 1985—and as we scan our own contact list, we have to admit that’s about right. We’ve got double the personal network of the last generation, but it’s only half as deep—but it’s not too late to dust it off...

Allow us to elaborate...»

Jane Birkin is Raising Hemlines

Jane Birkin via LIFE

Double Trouble: Ovadia & Sons gets the gushing trade-paper piece they deserve, confirming their status as the Peter and David Paul of menswear. [WWD]

Also Good For Sporting Events: A primer on the most important self-defense technique of all: the tomahawk throw. [Art of Manliness]

Fast Cars: Going inside the Ferrari factory. Do you really need a reason? [Design Boom]

Friend Request: Personal branding and the anxiety of Facebook. Our favorite part: over 2,000 people have “liked” it. [Wired]

Christina Hendricks is Fueled by Diamonds

christinahendricks2_crop.jpgvia Guyism

Mr. Browne Speaks: Thom Browne weighs in on New York’s most common style mistake and being asked to design the tuxedo for Mr. Peanut. [GQ UK]

The 1-Step Productivity Plan…: ….is getting up early. Seriously, that’s the whole thing. You may find that you prefer an unproductive life. [The 99 Percent]

Girls Will Talk: Why the new Girl Talk album is awesome, in so many words. [The Awl]

A Gentleman’s Guide to National Unfriend Day: Or, how to politely back out of an online friendship, as if it were a women’s bathroom. Start with ex-girlfriends. [Gizmodo]

Gant Rugger’s Inspiration Does Not Involve Clothing

The Confusion Continues: More on the ever-deepening enigma of Kanye West. This time, robots are involved. [The Awl]

The Wages of Acting: Apparently interviewing Christian Bale for a glossy profile is not the plum assignment it would seem. [Esquire]

This is What it Sounds Like: Let’s stop everything and just think really hard about why Prince is so awesome. [The Paris Review]

New Tricks: A simple guide to the mind-bogglingly complicated Facebook chat-mail business that rolled out this morning. [Fast Company]

Thanks for the Light

The Factory Tour of Factory Tours: In honor of their ongoing collaboration, Opening Ceremony stops by the Pendleton factory, and finds a surprising amount of native American ephemera. [Opening Ceremony]

You, Explained: A comprehensive guide to the world’s Facebook profiles. [Fast Company]

Grunge, We Hardly Knew Ya: A child of the 90s looks back on the music of his youth, or Why Nirvana Mattered. [A.V. Club]

The Old Ways Are Best: Yet more Jacques love, this time with video and a useful tip for finding under-the-counter magazines in New York. [Revel in New York]

Emily DiDonato is Happy With Her New Sheets

Scarves, Yes; Beanies, No: A rock-solid guide to early fall style, accompanied by a picture of Levon Helm & Co. Sadly, “grow an awesome beard” didn’t make the list. [Esquire]

”Readers Understand That Men Are Different”: Cosmo’s “Man Summit” was every bit as horrific as you might imagine. [Daily Intel]

Bro Time: A gaggle of gentlemen share their favored methods for male bonding, including “Vegas” and “nude yoga.” [Good Men Project]

Mystery Solved: The inside story behind that life-changing Facebook outage yesterday. [Mashable]

Has Anyone Heard of This Facebook Movie?

The Longform Poke: Aaron Sorkin thinks Mark Zuckerberg isn’t really such a bad guy… [NYMag]

The Script-Quoting Blog Poke: …he’s just a product of his tech-saturated generation. [io9]

The Windy Blog Poke: Also, maybe he’s a “terror nerd,” which is internet for someone made creepy by computers. [TechCrunch]

The Soundtrack Poke: On the bright side, the soundtrack is pretty awesome. [Dealzon]

Mona Johannesson is an Unorthodox Cowgirl

The Kingmaker: Sean Parker got in on the ground floor of Facebook and Napster. At 30, he spends his time wearing beautiful suits and hunting people for sport. (We’re pretty sure that’s in there.) [Vanity Fair]

Pant of the Year: If the phrase “corduroy tweed trousers” isn’t enough to sell you on this, we don’t know what will. [Sartorially Inclined]

The Greatest: An obsessive breakdown of the greatest diva of our time. Pay particular attention to the “Aging into a Drag Queen” category. [The Awl]

A Better Lightbulb: The lightbulb just got a little bit cooler and a lot more tentacle-shaped. [Creative Review]

Helen Korpak is the Bard of Heavy Petting

Stairway: The US Air Guitar Championships are happening right now, and if you’re reading this, that means you’re missing out. Sadly, the live video stream is down, but there should still be plenty of rock to go around. [World’s Best Ever]

But Do They Have Batman?: Portland’s Floating World Comics is our favorite store of the day. [WeJetSet]

Dog Day Icon: Apparently the “Facebook guy” who used to pop up on the upper left of the screen was actually Al Pacino. Hoo ah? [Mashable]

Lifetime Achievement: In honor of his 70th birthday, here’s some pictures of Alex Trebek being drunk, smug, and generally awesome. [Urlesque]