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Introducing Dom Vetro: Handmade Specs from the Italian Alps

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Dom Vetro

You’ve probably noticed: the sun is shining. As such, our ever-timely comrades over at UrbanDaddy have tipped us off to the newest kid on the sunglass block, Dom Vetro. They’ve told us what we need to know, and we’re paying it forward.

The short story is that sometime last year, Ashley Bezamat set out on a pilgrimage to find master craftsmen of Italian eyewear, hoping to bring their excellence stateside. He found Mecca in Cadore at the foothills of the Italian Alps, where he’s partnered with a family who’ve been making frames and lenses by hand since the 17th century.

The finer points of what this all means, after the jump...»

Steven Alan Launches Eyewear

  • Najib Benouar

Steven Alan

Consider this a late-breaking addition to our roundup of the newest sunglasses of the season...

Steven Alan has just launched their first in-house optical line—comprised of about two dozen men’s sunglasses and prescription glasses—with on-site opticians at select stores (they’re starting out with their Tribeca shop). As expected, Alan has applied the same attention to detail and craftsmanship with these new frames as his highly regarded single-needle shirting and upcycled menswear staples. Which means the frames are made in a legendary acetate factory in Northern Italy and assembled in NYC—replete with custom details like rose gold and fully functional hardware (as opposed to the rivets and inserts that are merely decorative on most throwback sunglasses these days).

It’s a handsome lot of eyewear, so let’s get a look at a few of our faves.»

Gay Talese on Well-Tailored Journalism, Filmic Watering Holes and Dressing Like Tintin

  • Kempt Staff


Honor Thy Tailor: Gay Talese explains how being a good writer is like being a good tailor: “make the stitching last.”

Drink It In: Ten iconic cinematic bars Cool Material would like to have a drink at—we’ll get the next round.

Tin Can: Todd Snyder finds some inspiration in Tintin’s international gumshoe cartoon style.

Eye Opening: GQ visits the brand-new minimalist eyewear shop from Garrett Leight that’s bright enough to make you want to wear sunglasses indoors.

Seeing Red

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve already begun seeing everything through autumnal-colored glasses—metaphorically—but now Warby Parker has just unveiled their new fall 2012 collection of frames in colors reminiscent of turning leaves and finely aged liquors. Our favorite of the new batch is this pair of rum cherry Sloan frames. Have them pop in a pair of UV-resistant lenses and you’re ready for any sun that might be filtering through the falling leaves right after you’ve jumped into a freshly raked pile. (Or, you know, a bright morning on your way into the office.)


  • Jared Paul Stern

Moss Lipow

Sooner or later it had to happen: the rest of the world is discovering Moss Lipow, the brilliant, eccentric eyewear designer/historian who's been a closely-guarded secret of the cognoscenti for years. The New York-based, self-taught fashionista (he attended film school at NYU) is a darling of high-end design aficionados for his one-of-a-kind creations, such as the sci-fi-style metal specs pictured here, made for a *Vogue China* shoot. He also produced the most expensive sunglasses ever, crafted of alligator and ostrich skin with a $3,800 pricetag.

But it's his more down-to-earth men's designs, with their impressive layers of sophisticated stylistic references, that appeal to us »

Silver Lining


Next time you ask a fellow astigmatic where he got his frames, he might refer you to the tattooed opticians at SoHo's new Silver Lining. Described by co-owner Jordan Silver as, "the first optical shop in New York, or anywhere for that matter, that has a definite masculine feel," the boutique will offer a selection of over 6,000 vintage frames and 500 one-of-a-kind pieces for discerning four-eyed customers when it opens November 2nd.

Already known for partnerships with several fashion houses and the venerable Selima Optique, Silver has joined with certified optician Erik Sacher to "bring back the profession" of matching unique men with unique frames. Of course, you don't need 20/40 vision to get in the door. Silver Lining will also be turning their eye for craftsmanship and rarities to classic sunglasses. Visit Silver Lining at 100 Thompson Street between Prince and Spring, on the web at or call 212-274-9191.