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Evan Rachel Wood is Setting the Esquire Logo on Fire

The Old Guard: The Times surveys the economic footprint of workwear, as seen by Allen Edmonds, Alden, and a flock of other newly revitalized stateside shoe shops. Trend or not, they’re still some handsome shoes. [NYTimes]

While Supplies Last: It is time for you to buy a pocket square made from a flour sack. [Fine and Dandy]

The New Bar: Proper return etiquette now involves gushing praise and a whimsical drawing. [You Have Broken the Internet]

In Brief: Fantastic Man and The White Briefs have come together to make some pretty awesome trad underwear. If that’s your thing. [Cool Hunting]



The Little Black Book: BlackBook takes on Evan Rachel Wood as only they can. [Fashion Copious]

Really? Simon Doonan defends Ed Hardy, rendering us speechless until tomorrow morning at the earliest. [NY Observer]

Strong Goop: Gwyneth Paltrow makes for great parody. So great that it took us a while to realize this was fake. [Vanity Fair]

More from the Swedish Chef: The G. I. Joe trailer gets Sweded, with the help of an army of toy tie-ins. [Vulture]

Wood’s Tats, Obama’s Ties, and the Pricing Dam


Writing on the Wall: Evan Rachel Wood’s tattoos come out at the Oscars. [Bastardly]

Fashion Weak: Apparently someone at Fashion Week was keeping track of the more ridiculous utterances. We’re amazed they didn’t run out of notebook space. [Unbeige]

Bold Action: President Obama continues to make neckwear choices that can only be described as bold…by Washington standards, of course. Silver ties? In the White House? [The Cut]

Wholesale Nation: Now that the pricing dam has burst, will we ever pay retail again? More importantly, how much longer can the shoplifting dam hold out? [International Herald Tribune]