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Getting Warmer


Something to Ad: Suddenly, the advertising business doesn’t seem all that complicated. [The World’s Best Ever]

Sounds of Summer: Ex-punker Richard Hell’s favorite summer love involves drug use and S&M. [NYMag]

For the Planet: Because it’s made of the cheapest, most plentiful wood on Earth, the bamboo bicycle retails for $3000. [PSFK]

Being Frank: $15 million (and another five in repairs) could buy you one of the most iconic Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the world. Any takers? [Luxist]

Espadrilles, Eva, and Yield Curves


The Big Easy: Ellen Von Unwerth proves her mettle the way all modern photographers must: with a set of Eva Mendes nudes. [SwipeLife]

Oliver!: Oliver Spencer takes to the web, with his Johnny Depp lookalike securely in tow. [Valet Mag]

I Hope You’re Happy Now: A long but worthwhile read about what makes people happy throughout their lives. Apparently the secret is a good pair of espadrilles. [The Atlantic]

The Pleasure Principle: The yield curve is finally put in terms that the average man can understand. [The Awl]

Jeans, Preppies and Cheap Bourbon


Jean Genie: Rebounding from Ms. Mendes, Calvin Klein is up to his old tricks. [My Fashion Life]

Whitest of All Time: Ms. Lambert waxes rhapsodic on St. Elmo’s Fire, perennial candidate for preppiest movie of all time. The verdict? “It’s the French New Wave via Reagonomics.” [This Recording]

Old, Old Times:Old Jews Telling Jokes” is now an internet meme. Funny, we thought it was just Thanksgiving. [Boing Boing]

Wine-Oh: Esquire hits the bottle hard with a roundup of good booze under $15. [Esquire]

Ms. Blanchett, Schvitzing, and New Year’s Eve


Cate the Great: Cate Blanchett is too normal to make for a good profile…but she makes a great Cleopatra. [Vanity Fair]

Tick Tock: Gawker’s list of the five types of New Year’s Eve party does not include the drug-fueled bacchanal we were hoping for. [Gawker]

It’s Getting Hot in Here: ACL gets a visit from the ghost of schvitzes past. [A Continuous Lean]

Your Name In Lights: New York’s eleven favorite billboards, featuring no less than two enormous instances of Eva Mendes. [Racked]

Eva Mendes, Neck Protection, and The History of Our Land


In Vogue: The lovely Ms. Mendes in Italian Vogue. We’re sorry we said you weren’t the farming kind. [FashionIndie]

History Written in Sharpee: A Live Journal gives sharpee illustrations of the facebook status of all 44 presidents. We’re pretty sure this is how the Iliad was written. [Maria Sputnik]

Head Games: Whether you’re in America, India, or the rugged lands of Shaolin, you best protect your neck. [Jezebel]

Biters: Bastion of Blogosphere integrity Kanye West faces accusations of plagiarism. Say it ain’t so, ‘Ye. [Vulture]

The Rise of the Farmer Woman


Although it may be outclassed by its French counterpart, the American *Playboy* is still good for something: science.

A pair of econometricians have pored through the *Playboy* archives with an eye to economic trends and confirmed a preexisting theory that in times of economic crisis—like now, for instance—men like their women a little taller, a little older, and a little more muscular. In short, we want farmer women to help us till the soil after the revolution comes.

We debate the merits of the farmer woman»

The Smell of Success


Ah, perfume ads. Just when you think they’ve hit their peak…it turns out they’re just getting started.

It looks like the lovely Ms. Mendes’ banned Calvin Klein ad kicked off a whole new genre of fragrance ad: the black and white softcore bedroom shot. This version comes from French marque Guerlin, who chose a nude, reclining Natalia Vodianova to showcase the mysterious effects of their new Shalimar scent.

Of course, the ad is French not American, so they skipped the controversy and went straight for the nude banquette shots. Ah, la vie en rose…

See the video here»

Nudity, Innocence, and Albinism


As Long as it’s Vital to the Plot: Eva Mendes wants to “push the envelope” even further than her scandalous Calvin Klein ads. We’re happy to hear it, but unless we’re mistaken, there isn’t much more to take off. [WWD]

An Innocent Man: Kanye is freed…but the real camera smasher is still walking the streets! [Kanye West’s Blog]

Albinism is the New Black: The only black man on the runway for Patrick Ervell albino. Somehow, this is a victory for diversity in fashion. [NYT]

Crouching Panda: Wondering what Slovenian post-structuralist Slavoj Zizek thinks of Kung Fu Panda? Now you know. [Vulture]

The Forces of Eva


It looks like Kempt favorite Eva Mendes has dabbled in advertising once again, this time in a nipple-baring spot for Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession. In the grand tradition of perfume ads, the product is the least interesting part, but this particular one was so “provocative” that it managed to get rejected by every network, and subsequently barred from broadcast. Oops…

Gawker suggests, the ad may have been intended as unairable to cause a scandal and raise more publicity for the brand. If so, we can only applaud it as a step in the right direction. Any marketing strategy that involves showing beautiful women’s breasts to the internet is all right in our book.

See the ad for yourself»

Feminine Mystique, Brand Spankin' New Video, And Still More Eva


Mad Women: The female stars of AMC’s *Mad Men* are not as marginalized as you may think. [LA Times]

Spanked!: *Penthouse* writer Rachel Kramer Bussel got herself in quite a bit of trouble for publishing this spanking video on Youtube to promote her new book. If anyone deserves a bottom-slapping, it's her. [Jossip]

Calvin's Magic Touch: From Marky Mark to Eva Mendes, Mr. Klein just has a way of getting them down to their skivvies. What a talent. What a magical, magical talent. [Socialite Life]

Busty Beauties: Pictures from Miami’s Spring ’09 swimsuit showcase. [Men.Style]

Fashionable (almost) Nude: Soon enough, you’ll be able to emanate fashionista even when your outer layers come off. [Refinery29]

Man Hugs, Man Bags and Mendes


Our Girl Friday: We don't know if Eva Mendes posed for these shots before going into rehab and, frankly, we don't care. [Maxim]

The Queen and The Princess: Carla Bruni visits England, making every first lady in history look downright homely in the process. [Telegraph UK]

San Francisco Treat: A brief and stylish tour of Fog City. [Refinery29]

Brotherly Love: We're not sure if we believe in "bromance," but we are sure we love ya, dude. [Men.Style]

"What's In Your Manbag?": Excuse me, it's a European men's carryall, okay? [Guardian UK]

Buying in Bulk: Shoppers snatch up Tim Hamilton shirts 20 at a time. Look for them soon on superfuture and eBay. [Racked]

Fairy Tale

  • Jared Paul Stern


Filling Salma Hayek's shoes—or whatever—is no easy task. But here at Kempt our Locks are off to Eva Mendes for her yeoman's work on Campari's new calendar for 2008. While Salma's sexy sortie was cinematic in nature, Italian photographer Marino Parisotto staged Eva in a series of fairly tale-inspired vignettes on location in the quaint town of Rosignano, with help from designers like Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti and Elie Saab.

More on Ms. Mendes