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The Future of Fit


As tempted as we are by the vast wealth of style goodies available online, there’s a serious problem with buying things online: You never know how something’s going to look until you try it on.

That golden rule has led many gentlemen of style to swear off eCommerce entirely, but there’s help on the way.

More specifically, there are Estonian robots on the way.

The device in question comes from the Estonian firm, which just talked its way into $1.7 million of seed funding with the promise of an eCommerce fitting room.

Here’s how it works: Instead of relying on simple sizing, you’ll input a tailor’s slate of measurements—including oft-overlooked numbers like neck circumference and the distance from the wrist to the back of the neck—and will adjust the mannequin accordingly.

So when you want to see that polo on a torso shaped exactly like yours, the eCommerce will have the perfect picture at the ready. (The curious can try it out on the site.) It hasn’t landed at any shops just yet, but we’d guess it’s only a matter of time.