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Sporty Chassis: This year’s installment of ESPN’s Bodies We Want has been burning through the blogosphere, and the gents at Selectism have kindly distilled the slideshow down to the fairer half. [Selectism]

Underdog to the Rescue: The New Yorker sits down with resident scholar/author Malcolm Gladwell to talk about the unexpected advantages of the wily, battle-hardened underdogs of history—from Vietnam to Impressionism. [The New Yorker]

Blazers Can Be Creepy: Jenny Johnson decodes the happy hour crowd at the local watering hole in Anytown, USA. [GQ]

Lucky 13: In case you couldn’t manage staying awake for the duration of the MLB All-Star Game, here’s your 13-moment recap. [Grantland]

For the Birds


Done right, a birdman rally can be a celebration of human potential, a DIY tribute to the power of flight. Done wrong, as in the most recent rally in Jiangmen, China, it’s spectacular . In sum, two well-constructed ultralights managed to glide the required 50 meters while no less than half of the 34 contestants plummeted directly into the water in crafts like a dragon head, a cardboard television or an immobile statue of a horse. Please, someone get these people an ESPN deal.

Avery Day


Our favorite ex-Conde Nast intern got a bit of video today, thanks to an ESPN profile exploring Mr. Avery’s sensitive side. Sporting a buzzed Mohawk and a self-effacing mumble, Avery spouted bon mots such as “It’s probably my desire for dress up that brings me back to the whole women’s clothing thing,” and “I certainly admire a nice purse.”

Naturally, the interview briefly touched on Avery’s constantly questioned heterosexuality, but we couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the whole thing. Can’t a man admire a purple sequined purse without everyone getting ideas?

See the video here»