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Alina Is Well Shaded

The Man Who Would Be Wing: A short Errol Morris doc about “El Wingador,” five-time champion of the Philadelphia Wing Bowl. [NYTimes]

Man-Sized Wads: A people’s history of Big League Chew, the bubble gum that pretended to be chaw. [Collecting Candy]

The Cult of the ’Gram: A long-form look inside Instagram, and how a 10-employee company pulled in $7.5 million. [Gizmodo]

Gambling: Poker icon Doyle Brunson reminisces about the time a West Virginian nearly shot him over a game of cards. It was a simpler time... [Deadspin]

Vikki Dougan Does Not Much Care For Zippers

vikkidougan_crop.jpgvia WBE

The Thin Blue Shoelace: Errol Morris is a fan of Sperry Top-Siders. We might have guessed. [Boing Boing]

The Man Who Sold the World: A photoset of a painfully young David Bowie. Pretty sharp, even then. [The Guardian]

Nice Shades: Your daily dose of lookbook handsomeness. [Sartorially Inclined]

He Should Call it “Ecko Location”: Marc Ecko is using Foursquare to stop spanking. That is not a typo. [Fast Company]

Let’s Eat Cake


This Year’s Girl: The Cut introduces us to Auguste Abeliunaite. Naturally, the pleasure is ours. [The Cut]

It’s Time to Admit you Have a Problem: We’ve watched this “Intervention Intervention” web vid in the morning; we’ve watched it alone… [Vulture]

We Read It Every Day…: Errol Morris sounds off on lying liars, and the lies the tell. [NYTimes]

59 Candles: 80s auteur John Hughes is dead. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Higher and Higher


Miller High Life inspires a lot of loyalty these days, and no small part of it is thanks to legendary documentarian Errol Morris. A few years back, Morris lent his keen eye and populist cred to a series of TV spots that did more good for the brand than a celebrity endorsement ever could. Morris just put all 80 spots on his website, and we must say, they’re every bit as fantastic as we remember.

More on the ads that made the High Life, along with a few choice clips»