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Style Icons with Sweet Rides

Steve McQueen

Stylish men have always had a special relationship with beautiful cars.

Probably because, if you think about it, they’re kind of the perfect accessory. Big, shiny, powerful—a little automotive affirmation can go a long way to securing your position in the Court of Cool. (We’re sure the King would agree.) But it’s not only those men defined by their cars who drive cool ones. And we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it.

Thus we present to you: Style Icons with Sweet Rides. To check out the high-speed handsomeness, follow us after the jump...»

“Pencil Thin Mustache”: A Glossary of Terms

We hesitate to spend too much time parroting in and around Margaritaville these days, but we’ll say this for Jimmy Buffett: he knew his mustaches.

We’re thinking of Mr. Buffett’s 1974 “Pencil Thin Mustache,” in which the narrator looks back nostalgically on the suave, caddish heroes he aspired to be as a child. We’ve been fans of the tune for a long time, and yet have always seemed to struggle, like Passat drivers do with “Rocket Man,” to understand some of the references. Buffett assures us this is typical of our generation. “The thing about writing a song like this is that the older you get, the more people there are who need an explanation of the characters in the song.”

So we thought we’d provide just that...

Today we present “Pencil Thin Mustache”: A Glossary of Terms»

The 12 Original Playboys – Part 5

Errol Flynn

Part One -- Death of The Original Playboy: Gunter Sachs, Porfirio Rubirosa Part Two -- Style & Grace: Gianni Agnelli, “Baby” Pignatari, Alessandro “Dado” Ruspoli, 9th Prince of Cerveteri. Part Three – The Americans: Howard Hughes, John. F. Kennedy Part Four -- Easy on the Curve: Alfonso de Protago and Prince Aly Khan

Part Five: The Party’s Over

As we conclude our series on The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that much of our intrigue on the subject stemmed from Graydon Carter’s timely, eloquent memorial of Gunter Sachs in the July 2011 edition of Vanity Fair. “For it’s a subtle craft,” writes Carter, “the art of the playboy – the creation of a life of tasteful public and private pleasure – and it’s one that is completely lost on the rich of today.”

We also owe Taki Theodoracopulos (a renowned Playboy in his own right) a well-made cocktail for gracing us with his kaleidoscopic obituary of Sachs and recollection of a typical day spent with Porfirio Rubirosa…

The thrilling conclusion…»

Charlotte Rampling is Ageless


Stardust Memories: WBE appreciates Ms. Charlotte Rampling, best known as the vixen in Zardoz. Yes, Zardoz [World’s Best Ever]

Feeling Lost: Here’s everything important that’s happened in the past five seasons of lost. Surprisingly short, considering. [Gawker]

Galafianakimania: A tribute to Zack Galifianakis, the snubbed man of today’s Oscar nods. [Esquire]

Portrait of the Baller as a Young Man: Errol Flynn was a bad, bad man, by his own account. [Vanity Fair]

"In Like Flynn"

Errol Flynn Hearing

In January of 1943, Flynn was aquitted of statutorily raping 17-year-old Betty Hansen, a Nebraska farmgirl, and 15-year-old Peggy Satterlee, a night club dancer, aboard his yacht, the Sirocco. Several groups were formed in support of Flynn, one of which was named The American Boys' Club for the Defense of Errol Flynn (ABCDEF). According to jurors, Hansen and Satterlee’s stories’ changed constantly and their details of Flynn's yacht were wildly inaccurate.

The trial of Errol Flynn...»