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Brittany Ishibashi Is Keeping the Dream Alive

  • Najib Benouar

Rise and Shine: The clever gents at Esquire have come up with a new interview series entitled “Wake Up Next To...” starring the likes of Erin Wasson, Grace Potter and Ms. Ishibashi. [Esquire]

In Country: The latest episode of Put This On takes us to the heart of dandy-ism: London. [PTO]

Pitti Party: Gentlemen, it has begun. The weeklong fever dream of double-breasteds, pocket squares and uncanny peacocking that is Pitti Uomo is here. And GQ has the first set of pics from Tommy Ton. [GQ]

Great News: A burrito-constructing robot is in the works. Start saving now. [NOTCOT]

Erin Wasson is Suspicious of Anyone Who Is Not on the Couch

What is This Feeling Called Love?: Tom Chiarella gets all gushy on the subject of love. [Esquire]

Young Americans: Here’s 100 seconds of The American, complete with director commentary, if you are so moved. [NYTimes]

Toe the Line: Alex Balk is driven slowly mad by the conundrum of Ellen Pompeo’s toes. There are maybe twelve of them? [The Awl]

Greetings From Asbury Park: Mapping the haunts of a young Bruce Springsteen, courtesy of an annotated Google Map. [Gridskippers]

Ashley Olsen Just Fired Her Agent


Act Naturally: Erin Wasson just landed a part in Sofia Coppola’s next flick playing “Party Girl #1.” We’re guessing she’s got a lot of research ahead of her. [The Cut]

Don’t Hate, Appreciate: National Art Hate Week draws to a close, and Julian Schnabel is allowed to show his face once more. [BlackBook]

Looped In: An interview with Armando Iannucci of In the Loop. [Vulture]

Think of it as Belly Spanx: A Time correspondent braves the world of male girdles. [Time]

Ms. Wasson, Mr. Hart, and the High Life


Garage Days: Erin Wasson had a garage sale this weekend, for anti-materialist reasons. That explains why we always see her wearing so little. [Fashion is Spinach]

Shoegaze: Doug Hart of The Jesus & Mary Chain explains his love of brogues. We always wondered where that name came from… [Vice]

The Great Southwest: Michael Williams hits SXSW with a Condé Nast expense account and an unflappable journalistic instinct. [Material Interest]

Toeing the Line: Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner wore the same tie before congress today. So much for interagency coordination… [Gawker]

The Rast Time


The tastefully oblique web video is quickly becoming a requirement for fledgling labels. Luckily, we’re always looking for something to watch.

The latest one, for Justin Timberlake’s upcoming William Rast line, finds Mr. Timberlake and model Erin Wasson trying out their Tennessee accents and handheld camera skills, while sporting a slightly dated military look. So far, they’re just professing love for each other and repeating the name “William Rast” over and over, but only three of the nine clips have been released.

Of course, Wasson broke her foot filming the spots, so we can expect some action at some point. The third clip lifts its music and voiceover from *Badlands*, possibly hinting at the direction the next six clips will take, but we don’t expect anything too dark from the former Mouseketeer.

At least, not until the next Timbaland collab comes through.

See Mr. Rast in action, after the jump»

Double Trouble

  • Jared Paul Stern


Photographed by our fearless lensman, *Patrick McMullan*

We've previously mentioned our predilection for pulchritudinous pairings, so there's no need for much of a rationalization to run this photo.

It features proto-Kemptress Erin Wasson, aka the Texan Tomato, and Barbados-born songbird Rihanna schmoozing at the Thompson Beverly Hills.

More on the pulchritudinous pairing»

Angels With Broken Wings

  • Jared Paul Stern


The *New York Observer* recently went batshit over gladiator sandals, oddly devoting the entire cover to a story entitled Ben-Her.

Cited as examples of the hot women warriors sporting the style this summer were Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Olson and Cynthia Rowley. However, we think mouthwatering model Erin Wasson wore them best by far, at the after-party for the CFDA Awards the other night—wore one, that is, accessorized with a matching pair of glossy black crutches.

More on Ms. Wasson»

Crimes of Style, Leto Strikes Again and a Model Gets Her Big Break


Falling Arches: Model Erin Wasson broke her foot on a William Rast shoot, but like a true hockey player, she kept trucking. If she needs a place to rest her damaged hooves, she can always use our shoulders. [NYPost]

Spin Class: Decrease your carbon footprint with these two-wheeled designs. [NYMag]

Police Blotter: Style goes criminal as an Aussie clothier heads to the hoosegow, hoodlums rob Nicole Fahri at knifepoint and freak of the week Joseph Fritzl even dresses like because the living embodiment of a Thomas Harris villain. [The Moment]

Off to the Races: Remember to dress for Derby Day. [AP]

His So-Called Life: Everyone's got a reason to hate Jared Leto. [BlackBook]

Fake It 'Till You Make It: Sorry, kiddos, those Marilyn and Hendrix sex tapes are about as real as a Paris Hilton orgasm. [Radar and Reuters]

Hedi Octane Diesel: Mr. Silmane's first foray back into design may take the form of a Diesel Red collection. [WWD, 2nd item]