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The Third Greatest Endorsement Photo We Have Ever Seen

  • Najib Benouar

And to our left we have... the third greatest endorsement photo we have ever seen.

For whatever reason, they all feature aging rock stars pouting at the camera with some out-of-left-field prop around their neck, in hand or precariously balancing on their head—in the case of Morrissey and this three-legged cat. It should be noted that of our two previous entrants (Noel Gallagher and Iggy Pop), Steven’s subject matter is more somber than sneakers or cognac, but the effect is still the same: it’s spit-take-worthy on first glance.

You could’ve just held the little fellow.

The Second Greatest Endorsement Photo We Have Ever Seen

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second greatest endorsement photo we have ever seen. (#1 is still here.)

It comes from the new campaign for Paco Rabanne’s Black XS, which enlisted Jonas Åkerlund and an unusually somber Iggy Pop. We don’t know much about the scent itself (the samples haven’t come in yet), but Iggy’s expression speaks for itself.

We’ve never seen a man wearing gold sparklepants look so unhappy.

This Year’s Rapper


Theophilus London has been popping up a lot lately—most recently in this month’s Interview, looking like a 21st century Reverend Run. (We’re particularly digging the airplane pin.) His first LP won’t be out until June, but he’s already hitting the print and endorsement circuit pretty hard.

The style isn’t all for show either. He’s currently juggling endorsements from both Gucci, Bushmill’s and Mountain Dew, which requires some pretty serious triangulation. That means looking good in a fashion spread, a leather jacket and a t-shirt depending on the occasion. But for a guy who managed to bring Elvis Costello and Smiths references to the mixtape scene, it shouldn't be too hard.

It turns out hopping between looks isn’t just fashion anymore. It’s a bonafide business skill.

You Are Being Watched


Like any business, show business has a lot of inner workings that they would prefer you didn’t see. Unfortunately, thanks to some loose branding, the celebrity endorsement racket is getting a very public airing.

The lovely Charlize Theron has been appearing in ads for Raymond Weil for a while now, but apparently she had a little trouble keeping her brands in order and accidentally showed up at a film festival wearing a Christian Dior watch. That bit of brand treason may end up costing Theron $20 mil if Weil’s lawyers get their way. Oops.

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