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Best New Watches for Spring, Thatcher’s Mysterious Hashtag and Smelling Natural

  • Kempt Staff


Time In: GQ rounds up the best new watches for spring under $600.

Thatch Tag: While the gravity of the loss of Margaret Thatcher was not lost on most people, the Cher fans of the Twitter world were left guessing.

That Smell: In the event you’d like to smell like the resplendent outdoors at all times (and especially when indoors), Valet has got the goods.

Too Young: The transformative tale of one of the earliest Gmail accounts, courtesy of The New Yorker.

On the Importance of 1993, Beyoncé’s Hips and Fake Tanner

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93 Till Infinity: Vulture explores the idea that 1993 changed the world—including lesser-known facts, like that was the year Moby got his first EarthLink account.

Ravishing Rick: With the news of Richard III’s exhumed bones in a Leicester, England, parking lot, Vanity Fair imagines how that might inform a high schooler’s essay on the eponymous Shakespeare play.

African-Americana: NPR delves deep into Beyoncé’s halftime performance—charting it from its vaudevillian roots to its current-day significance in pop culture and beyond.

But of Kors: GQ gets some timely tips from Michael Kors on playing to your strengths and using fake tanner.

Karolina Kurková Is Being Followed by a Personal Sunray

  • Kempt Staff

Under the Rug: Sad news for budding rebel-prepsters everywhere, RL’s Rugby is closing up shop. Jian DeLeon pens a well-deserved eulogy. [Four Pins]

Finish Him: By now your Halloween jack-o’-lantern is ready for the glue factory—here’s 10 slow-motion ideas on how to smash it. [Thrash Lab]

Uncool Mail: It’s hard to believe, but Hotmail was still the most popular webmail provider until this weekend. (Google wins again.) [SF Gate]

Sea of Jeans: GQ drops in at the San Franciscan institution of denim known as AB Fits. [GQ]

Karlie Kloss Is Taking a Minimalist Bubble Bath

Double Time: GQ’s guide to the etiquette of dating two women at once—also known as The World’s Most Dangerous Game. [GQ]

A Bat is Involved: Answering the age-old question, “What the Fuck is Cricket?” [The Morning News]

The Legacy Pick: Our Legacy’s latest lookbook is every bit as handsome as you’d think. [Selectism]

Our Inbox Runneth Over: Survival strategies for the flood of email which threatens to consume us all. [Betabeat]

Fields of Wheat are So Hot Right Now

Anyone For Tennis: If you were planning on watching the U.S. Open at work (and if not, why not), here’s how to do it. [Deadspin]

The Unveiling: Ian Velardi shows off his fall/winter lookbook. As expected, it’s very handsome stuff. [Sartorially Inclined]

This Is Only a Test: Jake Davis works his video magic on The Fader’s Mobolaji Dawodu. [Hypebeast]

Signing Off: A surprisingly scientific look at your email signoff. Leaving it blank is looking better and better. [Bobulate]

Marina Bukvic is Angry at Her Hair

If Only They’d Played Angry Birds: Cars aside, this table/tablet is the coolest thing at CES. [Crunchgear]

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff: Josh Ozersky contemplates pigs' tails. We’re hungry already. [Esquire]

The Examined Life: Fast Co. estimates Google’s Priority Inbox will save 13% of your time…time which you will then spend reading about sports. [Fast Company]

Stop the Presses: Breaking: Colin Firth can wear the hell out of a three-piece suit. Tom Ford must have rubbed off on him. [The Moment]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Google Wave


The first Google Wave invites went out late last week, which means the next couple weeks should see the ground breaking email/instant message/document sharing hybrid spreading through the public at a buzzworthy rate. On the off-chance you’ve missed the hype, we’ll sum it up for you: Wave reinvents email as a long string of chatroom-style reply-all messages, viewable all at once to everyone involved. TechCrunch is calling it the dawn of passive-aggressive communication (they seem to think that's a good thing), but it doesn't have to be that way.

In the interest of progress, we to suggest updates to email etiquette. It’s an incomplete list, but it should keep you safe for long enough to figure out what's kosher in the new medium.

A guide to Google Wave etiquette»

Pulling Rank


Inboxes are pretty cluttered these days, and there are more than a few startups clamoring to clean them up. The latest is one called Gist, which aims to integrate email and social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to give you a beefed-up version of your Outlook Contacts. But as often happens with Big Picture tech ideas, there’s a side effect that’s rapidly becoming the main story: You get to rank your friends.

Instead of arranging emails by time like every other PopMail app, Gist uses the power of social media to rank your contacts from most important (boss, date, tailor) to the somewhat less important (chain-mail loving aunt, tech-savvy president). The good news: you’ll get a head start on the next meeting request. The bad news: If it catches on, getting a foothold in a new contact’s inbox will get a whole lot harder.

Maybe you could send them a telegram?

Simply the Best


Yesterday’s Washington Post had an interesting tech trend piece on email closers—you know, that awkward dangling word before your name. The main takeaways were that “best” is on the rise, “fondly” is for geezers, and “sincerely” usually conveys a barely contained animosity. Apparently Emily Gould writes “xoxo” a lot, an innocuous fact which has probably already ignited several flame wars in the Post’s comment section.

In matters professional, we’ve always found “Thanks” to be a bit passive-aggressive (“Could you get right on that? Thanks…”), so we tend to go with “truly” or “always”—after all, you’re always you. More creative options include “Namaste,” “tata,” and our personal favorite, “one love.” If you’re worried about overstepping etiquette, it may be better not to play the game at all and just give yourself a hyphen and a first initial. As with so many things, it’s a question of style.

Brandom out.