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Dancing Elvis, Vintage Menswear and Roberto Cavalli’s Monkey

  • Najib Benouar

Elvis Presley on his birthday

All in the Hips: Elvis Presley would’ve turned 78 years old yesterday. In his honor, BuzzFeed has compiled a dozen GIFs of his best moves.

Bob and Weave: Alexander Grant takes us on a photo safari deep into the heart of the vintage menswear bastion known as Bobby from Boston.

Midlife Dapperness: NPR uncovers a telling statistic about menswear spending: it peaks in your 50s, then drastically drops off.

Roberto Says: Fashionista digs through a Harper’s Bazaar piece on Roberto Cavalli, revealing fascinating nuggets on meeting a cannibal tribe, owning an ornery monkey and how signing papers daily is what makes a man important.