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Electric Avenue

teslamodels_crop.jpgpic via Mashable

There’s a lot of cool stuff floating around Vegas this week, but our favorite CES gadget so far doesn’t do anything but drive. It’s the Tesla Model S, a sedan version of the roadster that’s been blowing auto writers away for the past few years. This one won’t have the same kind of power (that’s what you give up for the lower price tag), but it’ll still have the space-age “instant acceleration” feel that makes the roadster such a blast to ride in. Deliveries start this year…and we’ll be holding our breath in the meantime.

Easy Riding


Electric cars are great in theory, but with the possible exception of Tesla, the tech has yet to produce anything that could be called “badass.” At least, until now.

This three-wheeler, welded together by metal artisan Josh Hadar, is a step in the right direction. At the moment it’s the only one in existence, and it tops out at a barely-street-legal 45 mph…but it’s still just about the coolest electric vehicle we’ve seen so far. Captain America would be proud.

One Seat


Last week’s Frankfurst auto show dug up some pretty awesome concept models—including a few standouts from VW and our French chariot of choice, Citroën—but our favorite was this electric one-seater (hat tip to NotCot) whipped up by E-Wolf and the Technical University of Dresden.

Dubbed the E1, it’s a pretty strange bird, but the specs may be the strangest part of all. It’s made from lightweight carbon fiber instead of metal, so the entire package weighs in at 991 pounds—and 600 of those are from the Li-Tec battery used to power it all. It does 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds, with the same evenly torqued acceleration that’s currently turning heads at Tesla. Best of all, it’s actually going into production, albeit in “very low numbers,” and with a $220,000 price tag. Suddenly, that segway’s looking pretty stingy.