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Presidents, Villains, and Warren Beatty


All the Smiling Faces: Subway lover Patrick Moberg summarizes the nation’s forty-four presidents. Now that we look at it, a lot of them had pretty sweet mustaches. [Patrick Moberg]

Warren Peace: You can never have too many Warren Beatty appreciations. [AskMen]

We Be Villain: A talk with the new Bond villain. [Anthem]

How the Other Half Lives: Interior design expands into music, creating the playlist industry. Some day, this may be considered an actual job. [NYTimes]

History Written in Photoshop


We aren’t sure if you’ve noticed, but at some point in the last fifteen years, talking points entered the cable-news playbook, and at some point in the last five years they became all anyone paid attention to. Reporting on the campaign became tracking down the response to various catch-phrases, whether it’s “Drill Baby Drill” or “Brothers should pull their pants up.”

In that vein, some kind soul has compiled all the sound-bites of the election, from Hilary to Grandma Tut, and compiled them into a scrolling history of nine months worth of cable news cycles, entitled This Fucking Election.

For some reason, they seem frustrated.

Keeping Thin


We aren’t much for sartorial projections, but we guess that’s why there’s a pundit class. And Chris Matthews is always game.

The curmudgeonly MSNBC anchor recently predicted the Obama administration would feature “thin ties…Well-turned-out men. No sloppiness. Just work… It will be zesty.” We’re not sure what “zesty” means, so we’re assuming he’s talking about purple ties.

Of course, you can’t fight city hall. We’re hoping for change, but the three-inch tie is so ingrained in D.C. culture, it’ll be hard to wean them off it. The look is not exactly current these days, but it’s still way too trendy for the capitol.

Give it a decade or so.

Thriller, Northwestern Exposure, and Still More Vintage Ads


Dance Off: The world record for simultaneous reenactment of the Thriller video has broken once again. We can only hope this escalates into an arms race of some kind. [Daily Intel]

Clean as Soap: The best shaving soap in the world, courtesy of Portland’s finest. [Winn Perry]

A Good Vintage: A look into advertising’s past. But, you know, not on television. [Blog001]

The Vote has been Rocked: Make sure you’re registered before Tuesday rolls around. [Can I Vote]

Political Pumpkins, Denim Futures, and Fictional Gadgets


The Boogeyman: A few politically minded jack-o-lantern templates in time for Halloween. [NotCot]

In the Trenches: A roundup of trenchcoats, in case the economy has you turning to gumshoe work. [Men.Style]

The Future is Now: DNR peers into the mysterious and terrifying future of men’s denim. [DNR]

Crossing Over: BoingBoing Gadgets crosses over from actual gadget-blogging to fictional gadget-blogging, but only three days a week. We promise to never ever do this. [BoingBoing Gadgets]

Vogue Verbals and J. Crew by GQ


Obama & Terry Richardson: Is that a campaign lawn stick or are you just happy to support me? [Kanye West's Blog]

It Speaks: While we’d always imagined rings of fire, a crafty blogger reveals that when Anna Wintour opens her mouth it’s just a standard question-me-and-die British accent. [TheCut]

G Crew: The Gentlemen’s Quarterly toppers picked like well-dressed vultures through J. Crew’s fall offerings, comprising their favorite three looks for you to snatch up. [J Crew]

The Outer Gentleman: Head Porter adds a sophisticated touch to active gear for the sportier man. Fall ’08 features totes, wallets, key holders and camera bags in durable fabrics with a gingham print. [Hypebeast]