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Defending Baldness


Truly, today is a great day for humanity.

In easily the most earth-shaking discovery of the 21st century, scientists appear to have stumbled onto a cure for baldness.

Specifically stress-related baldness in lab mice but, you know, baby steps. And on the off-chance this actually pans out and the current generation of youths never has to face down the sheer-pated scourge, we’d like to weigh in while there’s still time.

We’ll miss it. We swear.

Don’t get us wrong; there are plenty of guys with a real genetic gripe, gracefully fighting the good fight with shampoos and fedoras. But then there are the Picassos of the world, wearing their clean skull with pride and scoring one for the Aging Male everywhere. We can’t help but feel a pang of loss at the prospect of a world without them. We’d prefer this problem be solved with style rather than science—and we don't mean hats. Whither Ed Harris?

Heading East


This newly released still comes from director/master/commander Peter Weir’s The Way Back, slated for some time in 2010, which follows a group of escapees from a Siberian labor camp making their way towards India. Ed Harris is the tall one.

Doing Donuts


The shaved head was enough of a 90s staple that it had a Seinfeld episode dedicated to it (“The Little Jerry”, for the curious), but it may be time for something else. The folks at GQ believe they’ve found it in “The Power Donut,” a look championed by the deftly macho Ed Harris and lovably bumbling Gerald Ford. The slideshow makes a pretty good case for letting your follicles make a last stand.

It’s definitely time for a change, but we can’t help but think wistfully of the 90s icons to rock the cueball: Andre Agassi, Michael Jordan, and even Natalie Portman. It was so good for so long! But by the time Moby came along, we knew it was on the way out.

Tracks of my Tears


Between emosogyny and Terrell Owens, the weeping man has gotten a pretty bad rap. To right the wrong, Sam Taylor-Wood put together some of the most masculine players in Hollywood—including the machismo-filled Benicio del Toro above and a red-eyed entry from the new James Bond below.

The book is titled, simply enough, *Crying Men*, and offers example after example of men shedding masculine tears, presumably over weighty subjects like racism, global warming, and the unavailability of quality suiting.

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