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Lara Stone is a Woman with Ulterior Motives


Also Known as a Femme Fatale: Someone runs a garters-and-tights editorial spread every few months…and we have no problem with that. [Fashion Copious]

All Together Now: Popular music’s greatest hits, scrambled, courtesy of the fine folks at Eclectic Method. [Boing Boing]

Panda Panda Panda: How cute is too cute, asks an article topped by a picture of a panda. [Vanity Fair]

Hooray Success: Alain de Botton ponders the true meaning of success. His conclusion: Most of it is having an awesome name. [TED]

Mr. Hughes Goes to Town


As you may have noticed, John Hughes is in the midst of his very own posthumous cultural moment, which means gushing remembrances, critical reconsiderations and, best of all, dance remixes. Luckily, his fans have good taste.

Eclectic Method—the same folks who brought you the Tarantino mixtape—have turned their attention to the auteur of 80s angst, and the result is five minutes of iconic clips chopped and pulverized into a danceable nostalgia salad. It focusses mostly on The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (yes, including “Twist and Shout”), but that leaves them with enough whistles, screams and off-key clarinet for a full-scale multimedia symphony.

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