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The Ballcap

Flannel Cap

It looks like our favorite baseball nostalgics have a few extra tricks up their sleeve. This hat comes from the vintage baseball jersey shop Ebbets Field Flannels. It’s the same wool flannel with all the nostalgia stripped away—or most of it anyway. What’s left is a classic, sturdy item that holds up pretty well against spring drizzles. Just don’t wear it to dinner.

Play Ball


We’re currently just three days away from Opening Day, and all the excitement and Costner-esque nostalgia the comes with it.

Naturally, we’ve got big plans for the week ahead, but we’ll start with the most elemental item of all: the jersey. Specifically, the vintage jersey.

This one comes from Ebbets Field Flannels, a Seattle outfit turning out historically accurate Jerseys from the early days of baseball, stitched together from the same wool flannel they used in the old days. So if you had your heart set on wearing Satchel Paige’s Monarchs jersey to the first game of the season, you can get it here.

The rest of the stock is even more obscure, from the turn-of-the-century Coast League or the depression-era Cuban league. We wouldn’t wear it outside of a specifically baseball-related scene—either at the park, in sight of a TV showing the game or a sufficiently sunny cookout—but you should have plenty of those over the next few months.