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Kava Gorna is Enjoying Her Denim Couch


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Tigers, Wolverines, and Bruno


Animal Safety: Sienna Miller has fallen into a tiger pit. [SwipeLife]

Ryantown City Limits: Earnest Sewn’s new shop-within-a-shop confuses us to no end. Apparently Americana is involved? [Material Interest]

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Jumping Ship


The exodus of Earnest Sewn’s braintrust continues…

Our friends at UrbanDaddy just let us know about a new coffee shop/general store called The Smile and masterminded by Carlos Quirarte, one of the brains behind Earnest Sewn’s rugged store design. His new project looks intriguing—especially the Ronnybrook Ice Cream—but we can’t help but notice how all of ES’s bright minds are jumping ship lately. It's enough to make a denim man nervous.

At least we have our straight-legs to remember them by.

The Importance of Being Earnest


A small fashion line takes years of nurturing and planning before they sell their first cardigan, so when the original creative forces leave, it tends to be more like a divorce than a career move.

Scott Morrison and Eleanor Ylvisaker founded Earnest Sewn in 2004 and built up the brand in the five years since through clever collaborations, solid craftsmanship and all around sturdy jeans, but as of today they’re both leaving the company for greener pastures. We’re not sure what would drive the two people most tied to the brand to leave it at the same time, but we’re betting it’s something pretty major, and we doubt the economy is making things any easier.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the brand without its braintrust—hopefully whoever’s running it is smart enough to keep things on more or less the same course—but we’ll be even more interested to see what Morrison’s next step is. Having built up designer cred as an old-school denim man, there should be more than a few companies itching to bring him on.

Getting Rich


We were so enamored of Mr. Hart’s vintage Woolrich hunting cap that we almost forgot about the brands more recent exploits. This outfit was pulled from their recent Autumn/Winter 2009 line and it’s as good as anything you’ll run across from their history.

They’ve found their way into Earnest Sewn and Odin in New York and Confederacy and Ron Herman in L.A., so they’re hardly the underdog these days, but it’s nice to know workwear has a few heavy-hitters on its side. They’re even a presence at the Rogues Gallery outlet in Maine…which we guess means they haven’t forgotten their roots.

The Loafers


Collaborations between classic masters and younger brands are thick on the ground these days—yes, Moscot, we’re looking at you—but there aren’t many as well suited as Duckie Brown and Florsheim.

Duckie Brown has been mining Savile Row-style classicism for a while now, so it’s no surprise they finally brought some real cobblers on board. The real surprise here is the subtle shifts they bring in, like adding blues and greens to the leather-dyeing palate, matching the sole rubber to the color of the shoe, and putting out a whole line of cap-toes fastened with metal studs.

Best of all, they’re pricing the bulk of the line at $295, as a gesture to modern times.

See the shoes up close»

Alien Slave Women, Woody's Legal Briefs and Lad Nouveau


Space Case: Once, we were grown men who watched football and Westerns. Then, Sci-Fi fox Tricia Helfer snared us her Tholian web of leggyness.[OhNoTheyDidn't]

Shields Up: In related news, Spock goes down hard. [The Observer]

Picking Numbers: Cathy Horyn starts off her morning congratulating her friends at 6267 on their new post as chief designers at Gianfranco Ferre, has a glass of red wine before lunch to celebrate, gets all moist about Scorsese. [NYTimes]

Crimes and Misdemeanors: Forget Beckham, marketing guru and American Apparel founder Dov Charney knows that no one can sell more underwear than Woody Allen. Too bad he didn't ask permission first. [Radar]

New Kid on The Block: Given the criteria, we most likely qualify as "Lad Nouveau." Call us that on the street and... well, let's just say you'd better have good insurance. [Times UK]

"Well-Dressed Rebels": ACL breaks down the stars of April GQ. [A Continuous Lean]

Better Than a Card: Earnest Sewn will be offering discount tattoos for Mothers Day. How come you never see moms sporting "Son" tats? [Paper]

Moscot Love


If last year’s overwhelming resurgence of Ray Ban Wayfarers taught us anything, it’s that in matters of eyewear, everyone looks cooler in old stuff. Earnest Sewn—the masters of coopting quirky-but-classic brands—will take the idea one step further and about a century back, when Moscot’s pop-up shop opens in Earnest Sewn’s MPD store this spring.

Paying homage to the New York eyeglass store that opened in 1915 (that’s a solid 22 years pre-Ray Ban and 68 years pre-Risky Business), the shop will offer Moscot’s Original eyeglass and sunglass frames, as well as two new, collaborative, limited edition styles: the Lemtosh Frame in Buffalo Horn and a new, lighter Blond. So you can take a little chance without running the risk of resembling 1985 Tom Cruise.