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The Inner Ear


There’s something about the single-minded obsession of an audiophile that commands respect. So while we’re not personally ready to drop more than a thousand dollars on the perfect earbud, we have to admit that these are pretty awesome.

CrunchGear dug deep into the world of high-end earbuds—the kind of stuff discerning musicians wear on-stage to check the mix—and came away with three fantastic pairs of in-ear devices, each decked out with more audio-tweaking gadgetry than we can possibly hope to understand. This is what the very high-end looks like.

Here’s one bit we did follow: the process of picking one up starts with the artisans making a mold of your ear. The resulting device is perfectly fitted to your body, and it won’t fit anyone else quite as well…kind of like those suits we’re always gushing about. And about as expensive.



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