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Gateway Turtlenecks: The Five Best High-Necked Shirts Out There

  • Najib Benouar

On the occasion of this weekend’s premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, at Sundance, we are ever reminded of his iconic allegiance to the turtleneck. (Ashton Kutcher seems to have done a fine job of pulling it off himself.)

In fact, ever since we told the menswear-osphere to stop fearing the turtleneck, we’ve been noticing dapperly swaddled necks popping up everywhere—we won’t take full credit for the garment’s renaissance—on runways, in magazines, at tradeshows and even in our favorite menswear shops.

Luckily for all the shelter-seeking necks out there, we’ve rounded up the five best gateway turtlenecks currently on the market.»

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Justin Vernon’s New Suit

If you’ve ever wondered where the indie folk crowd gets those woodsy on-stage suits, we’ve finally got an answer.

Behold Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver. More importantly, behold his new Dunderdon tweed suit, which he’s wearing to the Grammys. (The shirt is Levi’s Vintage Clothing, for the curious.) It’s a halfway point between black tie and “wandering in the woods,” which makes it a pretty good fit.

Of course, he won’t be performing in it on Sunday... but there’s always the next tour.

You Have 24 Hours to Buy This Shirt

Over the weekend, Context unveiled a pretty spectacular three-day sale. The only bad news is, it finishes up at the end of today, but if you’re sure of your size, there’s plenty here worth picking up.

Our favorite so far is this Dunderdon army shirt (a shacket candidate if we ever saw one), but there are also a few synthetic winter coats, a houndstooth tie, a nautical sweater and one of the cooler shirts we’ve seen all year.

And judging by the winds outside, it got here just in time.

Putting It In Context


In honor of today’s Context flash sale, we’re playing buy/sell/hold with some of the more intriguing items. (For those unversed in market lingo, “buy” means buy, “sell” means don’t buy, and “hold” means only if you want to.) The stock ranges from Woolrich flannels to Nigel Cabourn’s loudest trench coat, and we’re tackling it without pity.

First off, a Band of Outsiders Parka…»

The Deep Winter Pant


Tweed and corduroy start getting a lot of love once cold weather rolls around, but it’s still remarkably hard to find our favorite wintry fabric—the velvety wonder known as moleskin.

Unlike its corded equivalent, this is basically a December-and-January item, but don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite pant in the world for that nine-week span—something like the lower-body equivalent of a Barbour coat.

Dunderdon is responsible for the best version we’ve found, this slim-fit cotton pant. (Trend or no, we’ll skip the cargo pockets, but suit yourself.) It’s the latest in a long line of good winter gear to come out of their Gothenburg shop. Not coincidentally, those Swedish winters don’t kid around.

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Around the Neck


As you may have noticed from the recent drizzle, we’ve entered the doldrums of early fall—and it may be time to add a few bits of outerwear to your rotation. First on the docket: the scarf.

This wool item comes from Gothenburg’s Dunderdon, both gray enough to match your tweed and light enough to match the season. It’s close to the lightest outerwear piece there is, easily stuffed into a briefcase or left on a coat hanger if the weather takes a turn for the summery. Consider yourself prepared.