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Event Recap: Details x CFDA Weekender Collection Launch

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Details x CFDA

Continuing their week of revelry, last night the CFDA partied penthouse-style alongside Details for the launch of their second collaboration, the Weekender Collection.

Fashion folk took to the rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo, imbibing spirits from Japan’s Suntory whiskey distillery to celebrate the event. For their second project together (following last fall’s pocket square capsule), they tapped talent from 20 top menswear designers, asking each to reimagine the classic weekender duffel bag. And reimagine they did.

A hand-painted portrait of a WWII pinup girl donning Gilded Age’s bodice, leather handles and gold-pointed studs lining the straps of Simon Spurr’s, and a lesson in schizophrenic splatter painting by way of Yigal Azrouël, to name a few.

They’re each one of a kind, and will be up for grabs on eBay starting June 10 through 17.

Check out close-ups of some of our favorites after the jump.»

Teen Jeopardy, Badassery and Duckie Brown’s Style Advice

  • Kempt Staff


Sold in Bundles: Valet uncovers the ingenious Japanese retail tradition of furoshiki—and how Hickoree’s Hard Goods is employing it to fantastic effect with their pocket squares and bandanas.

I’ll Take YOLO for $18,000, Alex: Grantland recounts the story of the greatest contestant of Teen Jeopardy—nay, of all Jeopardy history: a gutsy olive-shirted wunderkind named Leonard Cooper.

Getting Personal: BuzzFeed catches up with the gents behind Duckie Brown to break down the four things every guy should know about personal style.

Tie Optional: Just in case Justin Timberlake has yet to make it totally clear that he’s definitely on his “suit and tie shit,” Esquire has the final cut of his with-artistic-director-Tom-Ford video.

Asia Piwka, So #Menswear Right Now

  • Najib Benouar

Playing the Field: Valet rounds up your summer options for field watches at prices all under three figures—which should leave you room to pick up a few different NATO straps for variety’s sake. [Valet]

Living Glare-Free: It’s a well-documented fact that e-readers aren’t suitable for the outdoors, so Gear Patrol rounded up a dozen paperbacks to get you through your beach weekends. [Gear Patrol]

Break Point: The harrowing tale of an intrepid American sportswriter dispatched to cover Wimbledon and the blundering, the spiders, the yelling McEnroes and the existential security guards he’s encountered thus far. [Grantland]

Today in Breaking #Menswear News: Duckie Brown has a Tumblr. And, as expected, it’s awesome. [Duckie Brown Journal]

Summer Glau is Having Trouble Getting Started on Her Sand Castle

Bowl, You Beautiful Bastard: A fourteen minute journey into the world of a lifelong bowling hustler. Fascinating stuff. [World’s Best Ever]

Facts About Money: A roundup of numbers about the dollar, including this: 90% of all paper money has traces of cocaine on it. Which explains why people want it so much. [Fast Company]

The Lighter Side: The debate over pale denim rages on. For what it’s worth, it’s okay with us. [Men’s Flair]

Obligatory Fashion Week Item: Duckie Brown’s looking pretty good these days. [The Moment]

The Lace-er Effect


This baroque newcomer from Duckie Brown caught our eye recently. It's called the Lace Shoe and it's one of the first laser-etched dress shoes that we’ve come across. The process is old hat in the sneaker world (think Air Jordans) but it's rarely seen elsewhere. Whatever the technological advancement that allowed for the transition to dress leather, we wholeheartedly approve. The result is a versatile shoe with a touch of swagger and an exponentially more detailed take on traditional broguing.

Maybe this is the start of a beautiful trendlet? We’d like to see this effect applied to some tried and true work-boots and maybe even a pair of leather gloves. Here’s hoping…

The Loafers


Collaborations between classic masters and younger brands are thick on the ground these days—yes, Moscot, we’re looking at you—but there aren’t many as well suited as Duckie Brown and Florsheim.

Duckie Brown has been mining Savile Row-style classicism for a while now, so it’s no surprise they finally brought some real cobblers on board. The real surprise here is the subtle shifts they bring in, like adding blues and greens to the leather-dyeing palate, matching the sole rubber to the color of the shoe, and putting out a whole line of cap-toes fastened with metal studs.

Best of all, they’re pricing the bulk of the line at $295, as a gesture to modern times.

See the shoes up close»

The Usual Suspects

ervell_crop.jpg’s Spring ’09 preview just went up and it looks like next year is going to be interesting. The names are all familiar—Condé Nast has clout for a reason, after all—but they all seem to be working just outside their comfort zone. Band of Outsiders shows up looking uncharacteristically yachty, Duckie Brown has a depressive moment, and Shipley & Halmos indulges their inner corporate raider. It’s good to know nobody’s getting too comfortable.

The outfit that really caught our eye was this vertical-striped number from Patrik Ervell. The stripes are a little on the carnivalesque side—coincidentally, Adam Kimmel has some matching pants—but it’s just bold enough to work, especially paired with a banker's collar and neutral pants. Well played, sir.

Club Jackets, Pleas for Pleats and Shaking Things Up

koons_crop.jpgJeff Koons via Gothamist

Shirt Shift: Artist/Bulldog dissector Damien Hirst has created a line of almost Threadless-quality shirts to go along with his collection of $80,000 jeans. The man has brass balls the size of Volkswagens. Wait. No. That's Jeff Koons, who also has a line of "meh" tees. [Gawker]

In The Trenches: The men of Duckie Brown discuss their experimental "treated silk" jackets. [Washington Post]

Keef's Closet: Self-described "minstrel" Keith Richards wears women's shirts and, as we always believed, doesn't "do underwear." [Times UK]

Club Cuts: Soho House members can now add in-house tailors to their myriad benefits. [NY Sun]

Crease is the Word: Don't have pleats in trousers? Evidently, you are not a man. [Telegraph UK]

Posh Pack Rat: Step into the eclectic home of designer Simon Carter. [Independent UK]

The Nau Strategy: Slick, ruggedwear Nau may supplement their internet retail with physical stores. Whoh, stores that sell clothes. What won't they think of next? [WWD, subsription required you cheapos]

Diesel's Gold, Game Over, Poncho Paranoia and More

High Octane: A preview of Diesel's new luxury line Black Gold [Fashion Week Daily]

Endgame: Pick-up artist/sociopath Neil Strauss promises to revise his bestselling The Game and then disappear from the face of the earth. [Neil Strauss Online]

Bargain Hunting: English moped bandits with impeccable taste raid Ralph Lauren, Lulla Bartley, Marc Jacobs and Christopher Kane. [FemaleFirst UK]

Big Shoes Filled: Picking up where Yves Saint Laurent left off. [Telegraph UK]

Bag Men: Poncho conspiracy theory. Do not try this at home. Or anywhere. [Brandish]

Cool Cobbler: Cool Hunting checks in with Aussie shoe maestro Tristan Blair [CoolHunting]

Canadian Geese: Catching up with the half-Canuck design team Duckie Brown. [Canadian Business]