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Suitsupply Hits Atlanta, Smart’s New Electric Drive and the Oral History of Freaknik

  • Kempt Staff

SuitSupply-ATL High on Supply: Meet the impeccably well-put-together team behind Suitsupply’s newest outpost in Atlanta.

Indomitable Drive: Our pals at Driven have the lowdown on the all-new Smart Electric Drive and your chance to get behind the wheel of one before anyone else.

Freak Flag: Complex recounts the oral history of the mythical street gathering known only as “Freaknik.” On the Patch: Mister Crew shows how clothing maintenance can also make for the unexpected flourish.

Sammy Sosa, the Detroit Auto Show and a Wintry Cocktail

  • Kempt Staff

Say It Ain’t Sosa: Sammy Sosa has a Pinterest page. It’s full of amazingly staged shots of him. Almost equally mind-boggling: how the photos of him in the canary sweater didn’t instantly become a meme sensation. Internet, consider this a formal challenge.

Street Legal: Our octane-enamored partners in crime at Driven give us an in-depth look at the new face of American muscle coming out of Detroit.

A Gentlemanly Soak: One man’s journey to bathtub enlightenment, as told by Valet’s editor. (Good to know, in case your nearest hot tub is out of order.)

Bucking Branca: Esquire hips us to a solid wintry cocktail—that gets extra points for incorporating Fernet.

Penélope Cruz Is Redecorating

  • Kempt Staff

Très Brooklyn: The Cut talks with the French founders of Brooklyn We Go Hard about the mysticism of their namesake borough and their take on Parisian-Brooklyn style. [The Cut]

I’m on a Boat: A white-knuckle account of a reporter aboard a racing yacht during the America’s Cup. [NY Times]

Say Yas: Catching up with Yasuto Kamoshita, the jetsetting creative director of culty brand United Arrows. [The Window]

Swaggy Swag: Our pals over at Driven get a head start on the giving season with this slick gift guide—you might want to do some self-gifting as well. [Driven]

Watch This

  • Najib Benouar

Our esteemed colleagues over at Driven took a momentary break from the octane and gloss to delve into Bulgari’s new super-watch, the Octo. There’s some interesting backstory in there—like why they prefer a V to a U in their spelling—and you can get into some of the more nuanced watch-idiot-savant-ness if you mouse over the watch’s key points. It’s a neat trick and a nice way to navigate the workings of a timepiece (and kind of feels like taking the reins of CNN’s touch-map from John King... but sexier because it’s a beautiful watch—and Wolf Blitzer isn’t breathing down your neck). Give it a look, and don’t be surprised if you learn a thing or two about a manufacture caliber.