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The Definitive Guide to Dress Codes

  • Geoff Rynex
The Definitive Guide to Dress Codes

You’ve got a party to go to. Maybe an honest-to-God ball. And on the invite, there’s a dress code. An invite-only event is not the time to be a rebel. You should do what you can to look better than everyone else, within the prescribed code.

But sometimes anxiety sets in, because what the hell is “smart casual.” “Cocktail attire”? “I drink cocktails all the time,” you think to yourself. “I wear different things almost every time I drink cocktails.” The point is, people are frustratingly nonspecific and terrible at naming dress codes.

But we’re here to navigate you through the minefield...

This Might End in a Tie

  • Najib Benouar

The big news over the weekend was that Mitt Romney finally chose a running mate, Paul Ryan... who showed up to his nomination announcement without a tie around his collar. (Though that woefully baggy jacket might have been an even greater offense.)

The mere sight of it on the podium had a Cajun raging and many under-qualified pundits talking fashion. It was all par for the course—obviously a ploy by the Grand Old Party to play up Ryan’s relative youth. But that shouldn’t have meant he needed to dress like a high school kid heading to his first semiformal dance. He’s 42 and a bit of a head-cracker in the House, which is why Romney went with him (the anti-Palin), so it’s somewhat confusing to see him reprising the aw-shucks role. We’re quite sure the man’s competent enough to tie a solid four-in-hand.

Which is always a good place to start when measuring any candidate’s competency.