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Cameron Diaz Is an Expert at Layering

  • Kempt Staff

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Old Chester: A history lesson on the Chesterfield—a double-breasted topcoat that’s become a rare sight these days. [GQ]

The Double-Breasted’s Double-Breasted

  • Najib Benouar

When in doubt, follow tradition—especially when it comes to something as of-the-moment as the double-breasted blazer.

Which brings us to the latest double-breasted blazer from Hart Schaffner Marx and Steven Alan, which should serve as the benchmark (it’s part of a fall collection of American-made suiting at Steven Alan). The lapels are the right amount of conservative, the shoulders are unfussy, the length isn’t too short, and it’s cut with just enough room to let you fasten both buttons if you so choose. Not to knock the perfectly good options coming out of Italy, but this blazer is spot-on—not to mention the use of a floating canvas construction makes this a wise investment.

Consider this one a blogger-blue chip.

Rating The Trends of 2011

Trends of 2011

A lot of new ideas arrived on the menswear scene this past year, but as we cast our gaze forward to 2012, we only see a few of them lasting through the next twelve months. So to let you know what you can safely count on wearing a year from now, we've rated some of the most discussed tricks in the book on a simple AAA-to-D scale (with apologies to Standard & Poors). If you want a credit rating for your double monks, look no further.

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Winter Whites


You’ve probably heard the old card about not wearing white after Labor Day.

You’ve also probably heard that those old rules are made to be broken. But you probably haven’t heard exactly how.

This is how. It’s a double-breasted dinner jacket from the latest Billy Reid show, arriving in stores around Labor Day.

It might look like yachtwear from a distance, but it’s a good deal cozier than that. The fabric is undyed velvet, so it’s every bit as warm as your chunkiest sweater—cut to fit our own double-breasted rulebook and colored to match the snow.