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The Impenetrable Dopp


There are many schools of dopp kit, and while we’re partial to the spotless leather variety, sometimes things get a little too messy for perfection.

In particular, we’re thinking of those hazy mornings when your precious case might be inadvertently splashed with a bit of aftershave, facial balm or, depending on how hazy you’re feeling, coffee. If you don’t want to risk anything too handsome, these waterproof dopp kits from Jack Spade should be just the ticket. They’re made from the same tarpaulin you've seen on camping trips, so you can count on easy cleaning and absolutely everything inside staying dry.

If you choose the blaze orange model, it might even help you wake up.

The Hat Box


Normally we wouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but since all travel kits are more or less the same, we feel a little better about choosing the one with the best box.

In this case, that means the latest package from Molton Brown. The inside is the usual travel essentials—shampoo, deodorant and so on—but what we really like is the shoe box-style exterior, adorned with what might be the most dapper x-ray we’ve ever seen. Consider it the next time your dopp kit’s at the cleaners.