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Sponsored Post: Don Q’s Barometer

  • Kempt Staff

The night is young. There’s no time to waste with detours and misguided bar hops. Which is why we’d like to introduce you to your new nightlife accomplice: Don Q’s Barometer.

The name’s self-explanatory. Actually, let us explain. The app pulls info from sources like Foursquare and other users to assess the atmospheric changes at your nearest bars, in real time. (Meaning, you’ll never head out into the night blindly again.) So, as the sun starts to set, you’ll fire up the app and search for whatever occasion you’re in the mood for: happy hour, first date, couples retreat, happier hour, etc. Then thumb through the real-time info being posted (you can send your own updates once you’ve arrived) and pick which bar is matching your current vibe best. No word on whether there’s a “socks-optional” bar search.