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The Hill-Side Strikes Again

The chaps at Hill-Side just unveiled their new lookbook, complete with cameos from some of menswear’s finest. (Also, a few dogs.) You can see the whole thing here, but first we wanted to pass along this pic featuring Kirk Bray of BillyKirk and Kempt’s own Paul Underwood. Not bad, boys. Not bad.

Five Great Men (and Their Dogs)

The Artist is headed for quite a night this Sunday, so we thought we’d take a shot at nailing down exactly why it’s struck a nerve with the Oscar-voting public. It’s not the silent part. It’s certainly not the French part. It’s not even the sultry, half-Argentine actress, although she doesn’t hurt.

No, we’re thinking of the pure, unsullied bond between a man and his dog—in this case, between Jean Dujardin and Uggie, the expertly trained Jack Russell terrier who (we’ll just come out and say it) carries the movie. If Dujardin walks away with a statuette, he’ll know who to thank.

But it’s hardly the first time this has happened—so to correct some of the canine oversight, we thought we’d shine a light on the dogs behind five great and/or debonair men of the past hundred years, from Picasso to Gosling. They were good dogs...

Five men and their dogs»

The Dog Days

Yes, the holidays are chaotic: stores are packed. Traveling is a nightmare. Hangovers come in size XXL. But they’re also whimsical: the sweaters. Drunk Santa. Singing about snowmen.

Our advice? Embrace it all. Like an adorable doggy video on Kempt, it only comes once a year.

To that end, we’d like to tip our hat to the folks at Bergdorf Goodman for the short film Unleashed, which features a pack of dogs running wild through Bergdorf’s various departments in search of the perfect gift for their owners. Maybe it’s the eggnog talking, but we think it perfectly encapsulates two dominant themes of the holidays: chaos and whimsy.

Note: Film is best viewed after three to five glasses of eggnog...»

Paz de la Huerta Is Playing a Thumb Piano

Paz de la Huertavia Flaunt

Wild Days, Wild Years: Patti Smith is still pretty awesome, it turns out. [The Moment]

I Think I’m Going to Ralph: As a break from his comprehensive Ferrari collection, here’s an enormous picture of Ralph Lauren’s Jeep. [Driven]

The Perfect Rugby Shirt: The cotton wizards at Columbiaknit have stitched together a rugby shirt. If you’re in the market, you won’t find a better one. [Archival Clothing]

And Just Because It’s Friday: Here’s a video of feeding time for 100 dogs on an aristocratic English manse. [GOOD]

The Dogs of Menswear

Shipley & Halmos

Shipley & Halmos’ new e-commerce site went live this morning, with a familiar crop of fall/winter gear and a few clever quirks. For instance, apparently they’re getting into the dog business.

Leading off the one-of-a-kind Things section was Momo, bearing the inscription, “comes in usually groups of 4-6, 'Dog' is a wonderful edition to any home.” Which, true enough.

Our sources confirm that Sam & Jeff are both dog owners, but this particular gentleman belongs to the site photographer, who brought his one-of-a-kind assistant along for the shoot, and ended up inspiring some offbeat commerce. $18,095 seems a little steep…but we have to think he’s worth it.