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The Emperor’s New Logo


Branding can be a shifty enterprise. It deals in abstracts, and it can take decades to unravel whether something was a brilliant idea or just a brilliant pitch—and for the most part, no one can tell the difference.

All of which goes a long way towards explaining someone like Peter Arnell.

He’s been behind some of the more iconic images in recent memory—DKNY’s Houston St mural, ConEdison’s redesigned trucks, and the curvy new Pepsi logo—along with some of the biggest tantrums in the business, but after a disastrous Tropicana redesign, the sharks are circling. And suddenly, people are using the word “huckster” an awful lot…

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Vuitton’s Camo, Bilson’s Jeans and Mr. T


Portland Cares: Mr. T-related art is found to be more valuable than non-Mr. T-related art. [Boing Boing]

LVMHTMMJ: Louis Vuitton’s new print will be a camo-inspired collab with Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami. Somewhere in Los Angeles, Kanye cries tears of joy. [Fashion Week Daily]

The O.G.: Rachel Bilson expands her expertise to include designing jeans. [My Fashion Life]

Bubble Pit: Sony fills a Miami street with foam for no apparent reason. [Josh Spear]

Our #2 Export: The possibilities of polluting the world with lameness. [PSFK]

Fashion Week Hangover #3


Continuing with our top-ten New York Fashion Week countdown, we've got to tip you in on who we left out. Adam Kimmel was at Pitto Uomo, like so many of the best New York designers. For Kimmel, though, the tradeshow became a personal graduation party, so this year he looses his city privileges this season. Ralph transcends lists, Obedient Sons (love 'em as we do) took a turn for the slouchy, and Mr. Thom Browne, well, he's in a class by himself. On with the list...

6. DKNY:

You were still playing Contra when Donna Karen was a growing concern. Retired and now renewed, Karen is still a considerable name and her DKNY (see above) remains a good source for office-proof, stylish essentials. The black cardigan, slate blazer and raincoat are subtly sly and everything else manages to stay within the lines of trend and classic elegance without attracting too much attention. For those of you who tread lightly and carry big sticks. [Men.Style]

And #5 is...»