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Kick the Cans


When it comes to headphones, we’ve always preferred keeping things simple, black, and as hi-fi as possible.

All of which makes us very partial to AiAiAi’s new pair of DJ headphones. They’re professional-grade, which means they’re designed to overpower noisy club speakers…so the gabber next to you in line at the coffee shop won’t stand a chance.

We suggest christening it with a little mid-70s Bowie, just like the professionals.

Dancing with the Stars


In these media-saturated times, criticism can come in many forms. But the recontextualized dance mix is a new one on us.

The Brooklyn-based video group Eclectic Method chopped up Quentin Tarantino’s film work for this AV/DJ set, which boils down into a stew of kung fu, drug use, gunplay, blood spatters, female feet, and retro dancing.

In other words, it's pretty much what Tarantino gave them to start with. But the set lays out Q’s obsessions better than a whole crowd of critics, with a few handclaps and sirens thrown in for appropriate emphasis.

Just imagine how it looks with a real sound system behind it.

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The French brand Kitsune caught our eye with their spring collection, shown above. The name is Japanese for “fox”—hence the logo—and the designs are suitably multicultural. (For instance, the collar on that dress shirt seems distinctly Asian.) The brand doubles as an electronic music label, leading to one of the more confusing websites we’ve seen in some time.

They opened a flagship store in Paris a few weeks ago— 52 rue de Richelieu, for the curious—that will focus as much on their music as their clothing.

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Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



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