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The November Issues

  • Najib Benouar

It will be November by week’s end and that means one thing: a new crop of menswear magazines has just hit the shelves. And this month brings healthy doses of tweed, marled sweaters and general autumnal-ness. Not to mention some long-form pontification on the upcoming elections (from which we’ll spare you) and Mila Kunis in some very formfitting leather pants.

Let’s see how November is shaping up, according to the fashion rags, shall we...»

A Gentleman’s Guide to Sun-Bleaching

It’s as close as fashion gets to a golden rule: as the weather gets warmer, the colors get lighter. And not just lighter, but hazier, too. Suddenly, the jeans are a little bit more broken-in, the sweatshirts a bit more weathered.

It’s a look designers spend whole seasons on, tinkering with dyes and rinses until they get that perfect washed-out shade of red—but we’d like to propose a shorter path to the sun-baked look: let the sun do it.

A step-by-step guide to DIY sun-bleaching»

Kat Dennings is Through With Your Bullshit

One Paid Girl: That Kat Denning seems like a cool lady. [GQ]

Nailing It Down: A how-to post giving you the tools you need to build your own dinner table by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Not too shabby. [Art of Manliness]

It’s 6:30 Somewhere: A thoughtful, well-reasoned case for drinking on the job. You’ll want to forward this to your boss. [KegWorks]

Gentlemen of the Cloth: Thom Sweeney makes a hell of a suit. Learn the name, gentlemen. [Clothes Before Hoes]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Halloween

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s coming. In just a week and a half, you’re going to be faced with a flood of invitations to costume parties, and you’re going to have to find a costume in the spirit of the occasion that doesn’t make you look like a complete doofus. We’re not going to lie to you, it won’t be easy—but we’ve got a few ideas on how to make it through unscathed.

The three things to remember this Halloween…»

Paint it Blue


Ladies and gentlemen, the perfect pair of shorts.

Now that we’ve sharpened up our dyeing skills, Tenue de Nimes has a handy reminder that all those tricks will work on canvas sneakers too. These white chucks were plunged into denim dye, resulting in the spotty blue you see here. If you want to pick up a pair, you’ll have to jet out to Amsterdam and hope you’re one of the first 50 people in line—so you may be better off with a fresh pair of sneakers and a dye bucket.

Check out Tenue de Nimes dye setup after the jump»

Kempt's Guide to the Dip-Dye


Ryan Plett at you_have_broken_the_internet has been showing off his dip-dyed oxford all week, and it's a sight to behold. The process is nothing new—Robert Geller's been into it for a while—but if you're looking to spice up your old workwear duds, it's one of the bolder moves out there.

So for anyone thinking of getting a little blue on their hands, we've put together a primer on DIY dip-dyeing. Gentlemen, approach with caution...

Kempt's guide to the elusive dip dye...»

Rehabbing Your Shoes With Acetone: The Second Most Dangerous Game


As a follow-up to our grand opus on shoe maintenance, a few of you have written in suggesting a more unorthodox solution: rubbing down your scuffed shoes with acetone.

First, we should tell you that this is a bad idea. It’s unnecessary for most scuffs, the acetone will numb your fingers for months and there’s a distinct chance you’ll accidentally set yourself on fire.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll put down the chemicals, bring your shoes to a professional and never speak of this again.

But, just in case you’re unconvinced, we’re going to tell you how to do it.

Just don’t say you weren’t warned»

Neck Protection


If you were curious about the mechanics of joining the neckerchief movement, A Suitable Wardrobe just posted a handy guide to tying one so you don’t end up looking like a boy scout. You may want to paste this diagram on the back of your closet door.

And if you’re venturing into non-traditional rags—which, honestly, is part of the point—as long as you keep it around two feet square, you should be ok. And for comfort’s sake, you’ll probably want to stick with cotton.

It’s a look for the brave, but you’ve got our blessing.

Frankly, Scarlet


We’ve gotten pretty jaded to gadgets over the years, but every once in a while we come across something so cool we have no choice but to completely geek out over it.

This is one of those times.

It’s called a Red Scarlet, and we doubt anyone’s getting ready to drop ten grand on it just to videotape their kid’s birthday parties, but anyone who wanted to make a movie in their backyard just got quite a boost. Even three years ago, a camera like this would have cost twenty times as much, and as more Scarlets reach more places, a lot more ideas are going to see the light of day. Don’t be surprised if the next decade’s multiplex fare looks a little more homemade.

A View to a Wallet


As we know all too well, it can be hard to get attention on the internet. But tacking a James Bond fan fiction in front of everything you write is the blogging equivalent of driving a snowmobile down a mountain with one hand while using the other hand to shoot the bad guys who are chasing you in faster snowmobiles until you drive off a cliff and unfurl your Union Jack parachute while they all crash and explode on the rocks below.

In other words, it’s risky. was recently graced with a post on a do-it-yourself knife wallet, introduced by a 400 word vignette starring Mr. Bond himself. The funniest part is how much it reminds us of actual ad copy. Didn’t we see this on an Amiga poster somewhere?

Named “A Quantum of Mini-Tools,” the story chronicles Bond’s love for his Slimline Wallet and the raw sensual magnetism of said wallet. We would have preferred “The Wallet Who Loved Me” or “The Man with the Golden Wallet,” but nobody’s perfect.

The manuscript in full»

Oaky Undertones


We love glass and chrome, but now it’s spring, and time for something a little warmer.

These wooden clocks from Neiman Marcus caught our eye for their antique, tropical flavor. Setting off the chestnut finish with brass, the overall effect is decidedly low-tech—which may be just right for a wall clock. It looks as if it could be fashioned by hand, which has an appeal all its own. The only drawback is that the more handy design-heads may decide they’d like to try.

DIYers aside, the low-tech look may be growing into its own as a style. With flatscreen TVs, stainless steel kitchens and synthetic tile becoming increasingly common as unintentional design statements, we may need something to balance things out.

Neiman Marcus [via Best Bets]