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Dita Von Teese Loves Only Perrier

Spaceman Chic: The Times rounds up photographs and X-Rays of Right Stuff-era spaceman gear. There are some pretty spectacular crotch pieces. [NYTimes]

The Vandals Took the Handles: Sony is opening up the masters for “Subterranean Homesick Blues” to whoever wants to take a shot. Job one: more handclaps. [Boing Boing]

V-Neck for Victory: Jesse Thorn reps a hand-knit Scottish sweater. In the background, the menswear blogodome seethes with jealousy. [Put This On]

The Perfect Gift: …is a chair made out of a grizzly bear. Now you know. [Lost at E Minor]

Dita Von Teese Makes a Branding Match Made in Heaven


An Uplifting Experience: We don’t know why it took this long, but Dita Von Teese has finally connected with Wonderbra. [The Daily Mail]

Yoko?: Comme des Garcons and the Beatles may be eyeing each other for co-branding. Much as we love them both, we really hope this doesn’t happen. [Selectism]

Billions and Billions of Fans: Carl Sagan gets his posthumous recording career started. [Nerdist]

One Simple Rule: The name says it all. You may never need another productivity blog. [The Ultimate Productivity Blog]

The Sound of Music


Dita Von Teese is following in the illustrious footsteps of Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson, and recording her own album, ominously titled “Manson, Pasties and Milky Skin.”

Of course, Ms. Von Teese came up through the burlesque circuit, so we imagine she knows her way around a tune…and can inspire any number of Brill Building types if her inspiration runs dry. We doubt she’ll have any trouble putting it together.

But with a title like that, we’re mostly looking forward to the videos.

Lovely Dita, Customized Shirts, and Old Old New York


Well-Undressed: Dissecting the on-stage style of Ms. Dita Von Teese…but we always thought of the clothes as beside the point. [International Herald Tribune]

The Other Hard Times: ACL calls our attention to the staggering beauty of depression-era New York. But we bet it looked a bit bleaker in person. [A Continuous Lean]

Ads Gone Wrong: It’s official: Madonna is a vampire. [Trendhunter]

The Shirt of Ages: Paul Smith’s guide to customizing vintage shirts. Now we just need to learn to sew… [Men.Style]

Dita’s Pics, Bruce’s Jeans, and the Broccoli that Dare Not Speak its Name


The Unexpected Teese: Dita von Teese renews our enthusiasm for the semi-celebrity photoset. [BlackBook]

Bruuuuuce!: A close study of the Boss’s jeans. [Men.Style]

Coloring Book: Inside the fast-paced world of Pantone’s color machine. [ExpoTV]

Vegetable Attraction: The latest too-sexy-for-TV ad comes from…PETA? To be fair, we really don’t think you should do that with broccoli. [Vulture]

Turn the Page


One of the great 50s pinups is in critical condition and getting the pre-obituary treatment today.

Although she’s far from a household name, Bettie Page will probably look familiar to any Dita Von Teese fans (and probably anyone especially taken by Ms. Joan Holloway). After a notorious string of pin-up shots in the 50s—which managed to inspire equal amounts of fervent admiration and moral outrage—she disappeared promptly from the public eye for a life of religion, marriage and missionary work, never to be professionally photographed again.

But as anyone interested in the early Playboy days can tell you, her legacy is still very much with us.

A few mildly NSFW mementos of Bettie’s career»

MOTHs in Print


aRUDE editor and occasional MOTH Iké Udé has just put together what may be the magnum opus of modern MOTH-hood. The book is called the Style File, and it might turn out to be the sartorial field guide we’ve been waiting for.

The book profiles a series of well-dressed souls—including fellow Kempt favorites like Ruben Toledo and Dita von Teese—and their take on personal style. Naturally, there’s a lot to learn from Udé himself. We just hope it all made it into the book.

Lovely Dita, Banksy, and Barack’s Suits


The Talented Ms. Teese: A chat with everyone’s favorite anachronistic pinup. Burlesque lives! [BlackBook]

In the Kitchen: Versace goes after the muppet demographic. [Men.Style]

Banksy in New Orleans: For the first time, graffiti is used to rebuild a city. [PSFK]

Union Suit: Barack’s suit is from the same factory as Hickey Freeman…change we can believe in, indeed. [The Cut]

Wonderbras, Maximalism, and Naomi Campbell with a Gun


Wonder of Wonders: Dita Von Teese’s Wonderbra campaign hits the internet. [FashionIndie]

Max Power: Kempt favorite Takashi Murakami stops by to explain maximalism and drop the first highbrow P-Funk reference we’ve ever heard. [Esquire]

Team America: The Shipley & Halmos kids discuss Olympic uniforms. [Men.Style]

A Woman and a Gun: Naomi Campbell is terrifying people for a good cause in this photographer’s take on racism in modeling. [Show Studio]

Driving Ms. Bundchen, Checking The Time and Blinded by the Light


Vampira Lives: Alabaster exhibitionist Dita Von Teese avoids the sunlight. We'll share the darkness with her any time. [NY Daily News]

Time Travel: Men's Vogue cast their eyes forward to the Patek Philippe exhibition at Tiffany & Co, offering us some jaw-dropping preview images. [Men's Vogue]

Courting the Bro' Vote: There are conflicting reports about who placed those Abercrombie & Fitch jokers behind Barack Obama at a campaign speech. If, as reported, this was the Obama campaign's attempt to reach out to young voters, it redefines "going negative" in our opinion. [WWD]

Tomorrow Never Knows: The Moment stares into the future and, as Kempt icon Leonard Cohen says, it's murder. That, and chairs made of stuffed animals. [The Moment]

Rocky Road: Our Gisele pairs up with Sly Stallone to film a Volkswagen commercial for Brazilian television. We've been scratching our heads all day on this one. [NYPost]

Check List: Señor David Coleman takes on the whole plaid-on-plaid mishigas. [NYTimes]

Dirty Dita, Cavemen and Comme des Garçons Goes to The Mall


Bathing Beauty: Get out your water wings and take a dive with Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. [Men's Vogue]

Rock-A-Fellas: It's shaping up to be a banner week for ex-label mates and eternal hustlers Damon Dash and Jay-Z. [NME]

On The Trail: Will this campaign season ever end? [Guardian UK]

Ol' Blighty: Meanwhile the sceptred isle has its own sartorial issues. [Daily Mail UK]

Style Points: This seasonal scorecard of surviving menswear designers is probably the best digest of critiques we've seen all year... except our own, of course. [NYTimes]

Shock Teese: Our favorite burlesque star, Frau Dita Von Teese, once - surprise, surprise - filmed some kinky girl-on-girl porn, some of it hot, some of (particularly the bit with the shoes) not so much. Not to worry, we still file her under "classy broad." [Fleshbot, soooo NSFW]

Budget Kawakubo: H+M will borrow the outré edge of Comme des Garçons for a limited line this November. [Vogue UK]

Spelunking: Share your mancave with the world. [CNN iReport]

Guy Liner: Pete Wentz creates a make-up line for men, you know, because buying women's make up is kinda gay. [Styledash]

Deal Alert: Get your Hicky's. [Racked]

Dita, Kimora, Paris and Red Lights Dimmed

Dita Von Teese

Tall Story: Kimora Lee Simmons is as much a "corrections officer" as she is a "designer". [The Newspaper]

Oui, Oui: Reports from Paris fashion week. [DNRNews]

Window Dressing: In Amsterdam, storefront prostitutes are being replaced by mannequins and some are noticing the difference. [London Times]

Dita Von Teese Wonderbra: Is all you need to know. [Vogue UK]

Fleet Afoot: One shoe in seven minutes. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Almost There: Coming Soon is coming, soon. [Material Interest]