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A Menswear Card Game, Joltin’ Joe’s Watch and NCAA Coaches’ Style

  • Kempt Staff

Card Game

Menswear: The Gathering: Selectism discovers a mysterious new card game that pits menswear designers against one another.

A Home-Run Investment: A watch once owned by baseball great Joe DiMaggio is headed for the auction block.

Party Chair: A handy infographic on how to pick your seat at a dinner party where you don’t know anyone.

Can’t Coach Style: Grantland ponders the sideline style of this year’s March Madness coaches, including a few of the same skippers we named in our bracket.

Defending the Phone Stack

We’ve gotten a big response to our humble promotion of the phone stack, and it’s led us to two inescapable conclusions. First, this is an idea whose time has come. Second, some stragglers just aren’t ready for it. For every few supporters on Facebook, there was at least one holdout, bitterly clinging to the right to text and tweet while you’re sitting right there. So to speed the glorious chariot of progress, we’d like to piece through the objections one at a time...

In which we respond to the haters and defend the phone stack»