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Ieva Laguna is Oversized

The Hustle? Really?: A countdown of every Song of the Summer since 1940. Perhaps the 70s were not quite as awesome as we thought… [Buzzfeed]

Renaissance Hype Man: Lane Brown counts down Diddy’s best talents. We’re going to go with saying “yeah” in the background of Biggie songs. [Vulture]

Team Lanvin: Esky runs down the best of the country’s best boutiques. Well played. [Esquire]

Crocs or Death?: A little boy’s life is saved by his croc. We’re conflicted here, but we’re going to choose death. [Gawker]

Boaters, Bob Costas and I Am King


Straw Dogs: The boater makes a play for hat of the year. Unfortunately, our heart belongs to the bowler. [A Continuous Lean]

Shawty Snapping: For future reference, Bob Costas is not to be trusted. [NYMag]

King of the Forest: The NYT perfume critic dings on Diddy’s “I Am King.” More surprisingly, he finds seven different ways to say “musk.” [The Moment]

Studio Ready: In other news: James Lipton is not a good actor. [Vulture]

Diddy Issues


It’s been a long, long time coming…but Diddy’s cologne is finally here. It's called "I Am King," and so far, the marketing strategy seems to be coopting as much civil rights language as he can…but, you know, on a yacht.

The TV spot—which, Diddyblog informs us, is dedicated to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King Jr.—looks a lot like a late 90s rap video. Diddy was probably running out of excuses to ride jetskis in a tuxedo and nuzzle awkwardly with heavily coiffed models. (Good thing he had something to fall back on.)

But it’s not all social progress. Mr. Combs also describes it as his “audition tape” for becoming the new Bond. Of course, he may have to do a bit more than stare blankly towards the camera if he’s going to clinch the post. And we imagine Mr. Craig might have something to say about it.

(This post is dedicated to Rick Astley, Ty Cobb, and U Thant.)

See the spot for yourself»

Pole Dancing, Andre 3000 and Rampant Emasculation


Chinese Fire Drill: Pole dancing comes to China, in an act of western imperialism we can all get behind. [IHT]

Girly Men: British men are sad, emasculated. Film at 11. [The Guardian]

Get a Cardboard Box…: A chef on the Today Show gives a lesson in how to end a television career. [Today’s Big Thing]

Movin’ Up in the World Like Elevators: Multi-MOTH Andre Benjamin offers up his favorite things on the heels of the launch of his fashion line, Benjamin Bixby. [Men.Style]

Puffed: For the first time in decades, someone actually misses Diddy. [The Cut]