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This Year’s Throwback


Dickies’ 1922 line sees the light of day today with a handsome pair of pants and a pretty good shirt built as exact replicas of the two items they started off with 88 years ago. You can see the replicated details here, but it boils down to pleated pockets, heavy-duty belt loops and a remarkably elaborate button-fly.

Sure, Dickies is coming a little late to the archival party, but we’re never sad to see a sturdier breed of khaki. The rough-handed fabrics that steered us away from Dickies’ before are still in evidence, but they’re rough for a reason: They’re indestructible. Anyone interested in work-ready khakis should add these to the wishlist.

Dickies Circa Now


Dickies have strayed from their steadfast tradition of blue-collar boxiness with a few splatters of paint. And we couldn't be happier about it.

These are the product of their latest collaboration with SOPHNET., a Japanese streetwear brand with a knack for abstract prints. This understated, artsy take on Dickies’ flagship 874 Pant is tailored with a slightly lower rise and a slightly slimmer fit throughout and it looks like their edgiest endeavor since...well, 1922. While we're believers in their tried and true classics, a little hint of Pollock does them good. Think of them as the antidote to the cultural void in your pant collection…or as your summer go-to for lazy mornings spent sipping Bloody Marys.

And they just happen to be making their retail debut tomorrow.